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Baptist Hospitality House Guidelines

Table of Contents

General Guidelines

Mayo Clinic appointments or hospital admission must be made prior to making Baptist Hospitality House reservations. Please be prepared to show a doctor's medical referral or Mayo Clinic appointment schedule at check-in time.

Reservations are accepted on a first-come, space-available basis.

Space is limited to patients and immediate family, with the exception of patient care providers.

The Baptist Hospitality House DOES accomodate organ transplant patients.

The Baptist Hospitality House is entirely non-smoking.

Guests do NOT have to be Baptists to stay at the Baptist Hospitality House.

Guest Responsibilities

House Rules

Needs We May Not Be Able To Meet

There are some needs that we may not be able to meet without a careful review on an individual basis. The following are examples of cases that may not be accommodated adequately:

Important Note

Emmanuel Baptist Church, the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention, The Serenity House Network, and the Baptist Hospitality House are not responsible for any personal lost, stolen, or damaged items. Guests will be held liable for any intentional damages to the house or furnishings.