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January 19th, 2020Dr Leo EndelEphesians: He Has Blessed UsEphesians 1:3-62020-01-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Ephesians He Has Blessed Us.mp3
January 12th, 2020Dr Leo EndelEphesians: In Christ-Grace & PeaceEphesians 1:1-22020-01-12 - Dr Leo Endel - Ephesians In Christ-Grace & Peace.mp3
January 5th, 2020Clint CalvertFinding My Place in God's StoryEphesians 2:8-102020-01-05 - Clint Calvert - Finding My Place in Gods Story.mp3
December 29th, 2019Dr Steve MelvinBut As For Me...Multiple2019-12-29 - Dr Steve Melvin - But As For Me....mp3
December 22nd, 2019Dr Leo EndelAdvent: Emmanuel-God With Us Part 4: For EternityRevelation 21-222019-12-22 - Dr Leo Endel - Advent Emmanuel-God With Us Part 4 For Eternity.mp3
December 15th, 2019Dr Leo EndelAdvent: Emmanuel-God With Us Part 3: The Holy SpiritJohn 14, Multiple2019-12-15 - Dr Leo Endel - Advent Emmanuel-God With Us Part 3 The Holy Spirit.mp3
December 8th, 2019Dr Leo EndelEmmanuel God With Us-Part 2John 1, Multiple2019-12-08 - Dr Leo Endel - Advent Emmanuel-God With Us-Part 2.mp3
December 1st, 2019Dr Leo EndelAdvent: Emmanuel-God With UsSelected Scriptures2019-12-01 - Dr Leo Endel - Advent Emmanuel-God With Us.mp3
November 24th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: Forgiveness-Part 2Selected Scriptures2019-11-24 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Forgiveness-Part 2.mp3
November 17th, 2019Joshua RhoadesWhole HeartedSelected Scriptures2019-11-17 - Joshua Rhoades - Whole Hearted.mp3
November 10th, 2019Dr Leo EndelWho Cares? God DoesPsalms 68:4-62019-11-10 - Dr Leo Endel - Who Cares God Does.mp3
November 3rd, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: ForgivenessMatthew 18:21-352019-11-03 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Forgiveness.mp3
October 27th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: Love OthersMark 12:28-342019-10-27 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Love Others.mp3
October 20th, 2019Terry ForestTruth Be Told1 John 4:1-62019-10-20 - Terry Forest - Truth Be Told.mp3
October 13th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: The Law of LoveMark 12:28-342019-10-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships The Law of Love.mp3
October 6th, 2019Clint CalvertGospel Above All1 Corinthians 15:1-82019-10-06 - Clint Calvert - Gospel Above All.mp3
September 29th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: We Need the LawDeuteronomy 52019-09-29 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships We Need the Law.mp3
September 22nd, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: Family DysfunctionGenesis 27; Deuteronomy 6; Ephesians 6:1-22019-09-22 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Family Dysfunction.mp3
September 15th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: DisintegrationsGenesis 3-4, Ephesians 22019-09-15 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Disintegrations.mp3
September 8th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: MarriageEphesians 5:22-332019-09-08 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships Marriage.mp3
September 1st, 2019Steve DyessTrusting God with the Mystery of SufferingRomans 8:282019-09-01 - Steve Dyess - Trusting God with the Mystery of Suffering.mp3
August 25th, 2019Clint CalvertBefore, After, BeyondTitus 3:1-112019-08-25 - Clint Calvert - Before, After, Beyond.mp3
August 11th, 2019Terry ForestWhen Bad Things HappenJohn 16:332019-08-11 - Terry Forest - When Bad Things Happen.mp3
August 4th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: The Image of GodGenesis 1:26-272019-08-04 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships The Image of God.mp3
July 28th, 2019Dr Leo EndelRelationships: The TrinityMultiple2019-07-28 - Dr Leo Endel - Relationships The Trinity.mp3
July 21st, 2019Dr Leo EndelAll I need to Know I Learned in VBSMultiple2019-07-21 - Dr Leo Endel - All I need to Know I Learned in VBS.mp3
July 14th, 2019Dr Leo EndelWe Are The ChurchEphesians 42019-07-14 - Dr Leo Endel - We Are The Church.mp3
July 7th, 2019Guy ThomasNoah: The Cultural WarriorGenesis 6:1-102019-07-07 - Guy Thomas - Noah The Cultural Warrior.mp3
June 30th, 2019Dr Leo EndelDistractedLukle 10:38-422019-06-30 - Dr Leo Endel - Distracted.mp3
June 16th, 2019Dr Leo EndelBad Dads of the Bible: JacobGenesis 37:1-112019-06-16 - Dr Leo Endel - Bad Dads of the Bible Jacob.mp3
June 9th, 2019Clint CalvertThe Disciple Jesus LovedJohn 13:23, 19:26, 20:8, 21:222019-06-09 - Clint Calvert - The Disciple Jesus Loved.mp3
June 2nd, 2019Dr Leo EndelElijah: The God of the Hills & Valleys-Part 31 Kings 17 to 2 Kings 42019-06-02 - Dr Leo Endel - Elijah The God of the Hills & Valleys-Part 3.mp3
May 19th, 2019Dr Leo EndelElijah: The God of Hills & Valleys1 Kings 172019-05-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Elijah The God of Hills & Valleys.mp3
May 12th, 2019Clint CalvertGrow in Grace1 Samual 12019-05-12 - Clint Calvert - Grow in Grace.mp3
May 5th, 2019Dr Leo EndelSowing & ReapingGalatians 6:6-102019-05-05 - Dr Leo Endel - Sowing & Reaping.mp3
April 28th, 2019Terry ForestPeace Be With YouJohn 20:24-312019-04-28 - Terry Forest - Peace Be With You.mp3
April 21st, 2019Dr Leo EndelSomething HappenedMatthew 282019-04-21 - Dr Leo Endel - Something Happened.mp3
April 14th, 2019Dr Leo EndelFacing Life's AgoniesLuke 22:39-482019-04-14 - Dr Leo Endel - Facing Lifes Agonies.mp3
March 24th, 2019Leo EndelRenewing of Your MindRomans 12:1-22019-03-24 - Leo Endel - Renewing of Your Mind.mp3
March 17th, 2019Dr Leo EndelThe Greatest Story Ever ToldLuke 152019-03-17 - Dr Leo Endel - The Greatest Story Ever Told.mp3
March 10th, 2019Terry ForestReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Promises & WarningsExodus 23:20-332019-03-10 - Terry Forest - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Promises & Warnings.mp3
March 3rd, 2019Na HerReading Moses, Seeing JesusExodus 232019-03-03 - Na Her - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus.mp3
February 17th, 2019Dr Leo EndelReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Justice for AllExodus2019-02-17 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Justice for All.mp3
February 10th, 2019Dr Leo EndelReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Be My Holy PeopleExodus 22:16-312019-02-10 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Be My Holy People.mp3
February 3rd, 2019Joshua RhoadesReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Law of RestitutionExodus 22:1.152019-02-03 - Joshua Rhoades - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Law of Restitution.mp3
January 27th, 2019Dr Steve MelvinReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Rules of EngagementExodus 21:12-362019-01-27 - Dr Steve Melvin - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Rules of Engagement.mp3
January 20th, 2019Dr Leo EndelReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Come to the AlterExodus 20:18-262019-01-20 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Come to the Alter.mp3
January 13th, 2019Dr Leo EndelReading Moses Seeing Jesus: Sons of GodExodus 212019-01-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses Seeing Jesus Sons of God.mp3
January 6th, 2019Joshua RhoadesBecoming One is ChristActs 152019-01-06 - Joshua Rhoades - Becoming One is Christ.mp3
December 23rd, 2018Dr Leo EndelWaiting On GodLuke 2:25-382018-12-23 - Dr Leo Endel - Waiting On God.mp3
December 9th, 2018Dr Leo EndelTogetherPhilippians 1:1-122018-12-09 - Dr Leo Endel - Together.mp3
December 2nd, 2018Clint CalvertLearning to Give: Part 32 Corinthians 8-9, 9:82018-12-02 - Clint Calvert - Learning to Give Part 3.mp3
November 25th, 2018Dr Leo EndelLearning to Give: Part 22 Corinthians 8-92018-11-25 - Dr Leo Endel - Learning to Give Part 2.mp3
November 18th, 2018Dr Leo EndelLearning to Give: Part 12 Corinthians 8-92018-11-18 - Dr Leo Endel - Learning to Give Part 1.mp3
November 11th, 2018Terry ForestTen Commandments: Part 10Exodus 202018-11-11 - Terry Forest - Ten Commandments Part 10.mp3
November 4th, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 9Exodus 202018-11-04 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 9.mp3
October 28th, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 8Exodus 202018-10-28 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 8.mp3
October 21st, 2018Steve DyessTen Commandments: Part 6Exodus 202018-10-21 - Steve Dyess - Ten Commandments Part 6.mp3
October 7th, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 5Exodus 202018-10-07 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 5.mp3
September 23rd, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 3Exodus 202018-09-23 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 3.mp3
September 9th, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 2Exodus 20:4-62018-09-09 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 2.mp3
September 2nd, 2018Dr Leo EndelTen Commandments: Part 1Exodus 202018-09-02 - Dr Leo Endel - Ten Commandments Part 1.mp3
August 26th, 2018Dr Leo EndelReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Preparing to Meet GodExodus 192018-08-26 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Preparing to Meet God.mp3
August 19th, 2018Dr Leo EndelReading Moses, Seeing Jesus: Foundations of LeadershipExodus 182018-08-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus Foundations of Leadership.mp3
August 12th, 2018Terry ForrestSubmitting to God's PlanExodus 17:1-72018-08-12 - Terry Forrest - Submitting to Gods Plan.mp3
August 5th, 2018Clint CalvertReading Moses-Seeing Jesus: Choose to Accept God's MissionExodus 162018-08-05 - Clint Calvert - Reading Moses-Seeing Jesus Choose to Accept Gods Mission.mp3
May 13th, 2018Dr Steve MelvinPass It OnDeuteronomy 4:92018-05-13 - Dr Steve Melvin - Pass It On.mp3
May 6th, 2018Dr Leo EndelThe Final: BacksliddenJames 5:19-202018-05-06 - Dr Leo Endel - The Final Backslidden.mp3
April 29th, 2018Dr Leo EndelThe Test of PrayerJames 5:13-182018-04-29 - Dr Leo Endel - The Test of Prayer.mp3
April 22nd, 2018Dr Leo EndelThe Test of WaitingJames 5:7-112018-04-22 - Dr Leo Endel - The Test of Waiting.mp3
April 15th, 2018Dr Leo EndelThe Test of RichesJames 5:1-62018-04-15 - Dr Leo Endel - The Test of Riches.mp3
April 1st, 2018Dr Leo EndelThe Resurrection Changes EverythingMatthew 28:1-102018-04-01 - Dr Leo Endel - The Resurrection Changes Everything.mp3
March 25th, 2018Dr Leo EndelSave UsMark 112018-03-25 - Dr Leo Endel - Save Us.mp3
March 18th, 2018Dr Leo EndelWho Do You Think You Are?James 4:11-122018-03-18 - Dr Leo Endel - Who Do You Think You Are.mp3
March 11th, 2018Clint CalvertReceiving GraceJames 4:1-102018-03-11 - Clint Calvert - Receiving Grace.mp3
March 4th, 2018Dr Leo EndelWisdom From AboveJames 3:13-182018-03-04 - Dr Leo Endel - Wisdom From Above.mp3
February 25th, 2018Dr Leo EndelControling Our Tongues: Words have ConsequencesJames 3:1-122018-02-25 - Dr Leo Endel - Controling Our Tongues Words have Consequences.mp3
February 11th, 2018Dr Leo EndelWhat is the Church Supposed to do?Acts 2:41-472018-02-11 - Dr Leo Endel - What is the Church Supposed to do.mp3
February 4th, 2018Dr Leo EndelAn Oasis of EncouragementHebrews 10:19-252018-02-04 - Dr Leo Endel - An Oasis of Encouragement.mp3
January 28th, 2018Clint CalvertKnow When to Stop, Drop, and RollJoshua 5:13-152018-01-28 - Clint Calvert - Know When to Stop, Drop, and Roll.mp3
January 21st, 2018Dr Leo EndelWhat the Church Needs Now is LoveLuke 6:27-362018-01-21 - Dr Leo Endel - What the Church Needs Now is Love.mp3
January 14th, 2018Dr Leo EndelWhat's Growing?Galatians 5:16-262018-01-14 - Dr Leo Endel - Whats Growing.mp3
January 7th, 2018Joshua RhoadesRight Now, Right Here, Together!Selected Sections of Acts2018-01-07 - Joshua Rhoades - Right Now, Right Here, Together!.mp3
December 31st, 2017Joshua RhoadesHow Did We Get HereJonah 2:2-92017-12-31 - Joshua Rhoades - How Did We Get Here.mp3
December 24th, 2017Dr Leo EndelChristmas in Isaiah: LightIsaiah 602017-12-24 - Dr Leo Endel - Christmas in Isaiah Light.mp3
December 17th, 2017Dr Leo EndelChristmas in Isaiah: HopeIsaiah 402017-12-17 - Dr Leo Endel - Christmas in Isaiah Hope.mp3
December 10th, 2017Dr Leo EndelChristmas in Isaiah: PeaceIsaiah 9 & 112017-12-10 - Dr Leo Endel - Christmas in Isaiah Peace.mp3
December 3rd, 2017Dr Leo EndelChristmas in Isaiah: JoyIsaiah 7-92017-12-03 - Dr Leo Endel - Christmas in Isaiah Joy.mp3
November 26th, 2017Dr Leo EndelWhat Kind of Faith Do You Have?James 2:14-262017-11-26 - Dr Leo Endel - What Kind of Faith Do You Have.mp3
November 19th, 2017Clint CalvertThe Test of LoveJames 2:8-132017-11-19 - Clint Calvert - The Test of Love.mp3
November 12th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe Favoritism TestJames 2:1-72017-11-12 - Dr Leo Endel - The Favoritism Test.mp3
November 5th, 2017Clint CalvertThe Tests of True ReligionJames 1:26-272017-11-05 - Clint Calvert - The Tests of True Religion.mp3
October 29th, 2017Dr Leo EndelWalking the TalkJames 1:19-252017-10-29 - Dr Leo Endel - Walking the Talk.mp3
October 22nd, 2017Josh RhoadesStanding Up To TemptationsJames 1:12-182017-10-22 - Josh Rhoades - Standing Up To Temptations.mp3
October 15th, 2017Dr Leo EndelPassing the Money TextJames 1:9-122017-10-15 - Dr Leo Endel - Passing the Money Text.mp3
October 8th, 2017Dr Leo EndelGrow UpJames 1:1-82017-10-08 - Dr Leo Endel - Grow Up.mp3
October 1st, 2017Dr Leo EndelHezekiah's Pride2 Kings 20 & 2 Chronicles 322017-10-01 - Dr Leo Endel - Hezekiahs Pride.mp3
September 24th, 2017Dr Steve MelvinPrayer & FastingSelected Scriptures2017-09-24 - Dr Steve Melvin - Prayer & Fasting.mp3
September 17th, 2017Clint CalvertBecoming a Game ChangerNehemiah 1 & 22017-09-17 - Clint Calvert - Becoming a Game Changer.mp3
September 10th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe God Who Responds1 Kings 202017-09-10 - Dr Leo Endel - The God Who Responds.mp3
September 3rd, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe God Who Hears1 Kings 192017-09-03 - Dr Leo Endel - The God Who Hears.mp3
August 27th, 2017Garvon GoldenA Calling to Serve1 Thesalonians 5:12-242017-08-27 - Garvon Golden - A Calling to Serve.mp3
August 20th, 2017Dr Leo EndelHow Do You Respond to Hopeless Situations2 Kings 18-192017-08-20 - Dr Leo Endel - How Do You Respond to Hopeless Situations.mp3
August 13th, 2017Dr Leo EndelCultural Disintegration2 Kings 17-182017-08-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Cultural Disintegration.mp3
August 6th, 2017Clint CalvertConnections in the KingdomColossians 4:7-182017-08-06 - Clint Calvert - Connections in the Kingdom.mp3
July 30th, 2017Dr Leo EndelTalking With God, Talking With OthersColossians 4:2-62017-07-30 - Dr Leo Endel - Talking With God, Talking With Others.mp3
July 23rd, 2017Dr Leo EndelCountercultural Social OrderColossians 3:18-252017-07-23 - Dr Leo Endel - Countercultural Social Order.mp3
July 16th, 2017Steve DyessThe Christian LifeColossians 3:12-172017-07-16 - Steve Dyess - The Christian Life.mp3
July 9th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe Expulsive Power of a New AffectionColossians 32017-07-09 - Dr Leo Endel - The Expulsive Power of a New Affection.mp3
July 2nd, 2017Dr Leo EndelShadow or Substance?Colossians 2:16-232017-07-02 - Dr Leo Endel - Shadow or Substance.mp3
June 25th, 2017Dr Leo EndelContinue to Live in HimColossians 2:4-152017-06-25 - Dr Leo Endel - Continue to Live in Him.mp3
June 18th, 2017Dr Leo EndelChrist in You-The Hope of GloryColossians 1:24-2:32017-06-18 - Dr Leo Endel - Christ in You-The Hope of Glory.mp3
June 11th, 2017Joshua RhoadesThe Gospel CanColossians 1:21-232017-06-11 - Joshua Rhoades - The Gospel Can.mp3
June 4th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe Preeminence of ChristColossians 1:15-202017-06-04 - Dr Leo Endel - The Preeminence of Christ.mp3
May 28th, 2017Clint CalvertNutritional PrayerColossians 1:9-142017-05-28 - Clint Calvert - Nutritional Prayer.mp3
May 21st, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe TransformationColossians 1:1-82017-05-21 - Dr Leo Endel - The Transformation.mp3
May 14th, 2017Clint CalvertPursuing God's Blessings through the BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-122017-05-14 - Clint Calvert - Pursuing Gods Blessings through the Beatitudes.mp3
May 7th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThese Things are WrittenSelected Portions John 20 & 212017-05-07 - Dr Leo Endel - These Things are Written.mp3
April 30th, 2017Dr Leo EndelFollowing JesusJohn 21:1-232017-04-30 - Dr Leo Endel - Following Jesus.mp3
April 23rd, 2017Clint CalvertThe Blessings of BeliefJohn 20:19-292017-04-23 - Clint Calvert - The Blessings of Belief.mp3
April 16th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe Big PictureSelected Scriptures2017-04-16 - Dr Leo Endel - The Big Picture.mp3
April 9th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThe King on the CrossJohn 19:16-302017-04-09 - Dr Leo Endel - The King on the Cross.mp3
April 2nd, 2017Dr Leo EndelPsalm 150Psalm 1502017-04-02 - Dr Leo Endel - Psalm 150.mp3
March 26th, 2017Steve DyessPsalm 149: To Our Victorious KingPsalm 1492017-03-26 - Steve Dyess - Psalm 149 To Our Victorious King.mp3
March 19th, 2017Dr Leo EndelPsalm 148Psalm 1482017-03-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Psalm 148.mp3
March 12th, 2017Dr Leo EndelPsalm 147Psalm 1472017-03-12 - Dr Leo Endel - Psalm 147.mp3
March 5th, 2017Dr Leo EndelPsalm 146Psalm 1462017-03-05 - Dr Leo Endel - Psalm 146.mp3
February 26th, 2017Dr Leo EndelThat's the Ministry2 Timothy2017-02-26 - Dr Leo Endel - Thats the Ministry.mp3
February 19th, 2017Dr Leo EndelInfinate but IntimatePsalm 1392017-02-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Infinate but Intimate.mp3
February 12th, 2017Clint CalvertThe Holy Fire WithinIsaiah 6:1-132017-02-12 - Clint Calvert - The Holy Fire Within.mp3
February 5th, 2017David WilliamsWhat is in Your Hand?Exodus 3-4:22017-02-05 - David Williams - What is in Your Hand.mp3
January 29th, 2017Clint CalvertOne Another: Love-Now and LaterSelected Scriptures2017-01-29 - Clint Calvert - One Another Love-Now and Later.mp3
January 22nd, 2017Dr Leo EndelOne Another: Defer ToPhilippians 2:1-112017-01-22 - Dr Leo Endel - One Another Defer To.mp3
January 15th, 2017Joshua RhoadesOne Another: EncourageSelected Scripture2017-01-15 - Joshua Rhoades - One Another Encourage.mp3
January 8th, 2017Dr Leo EndelOne Another: HarmonyRomans 12; Selected Scriptures2017-01-08 - Dr Leo Endel - One Another Harmony.mp3
January 1st, 2017Dr Leo EndelOne AnotherRomans 122017-01-01 - Dr Leo Endel - One Another.mp3
December 25th, 2016Dr Leo EndelGod Came DownMatthew 1:18-252016-12-25 - Dr Leo Endel - God Came Down.mp3
December 18th, 2016Dr Leo EndelCrazy Stories from the Family Tree: RuthRuth2016-12-18 - Dr Leo Endel - Crazy Stories from the Family Tree Ruth.mp3
December 11th, 2016Dr Leo EndelCrazy Stories from the Family Tree: Manasseh2 Chronicles 33:1-202016-12-11 - Dr Leo Endel - Crazy Stories from the Family Tree Manasseh.mp3
December 4th, 2016Joshua RhoadesCrazy Stories from the Family Tree: RahabSelected Scriptures2016-12-04 - Joshua Rhoades - Crazy Stories from the Family Tree Rahab.mp3
November 27th, 2016Dr Leo EndelCrazy Stories from the Family Tree: DavidSelected Scriptures2016-11-27 - Dr Leo Endel - Crazy Stories from the Family Tree David.mp3
November 20th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Circle of Gratitude2 Corinthians 9:6-152016-11-20 - Dr Leo Endel - The Circle of Gratitude.mp3
November 13th, 2016Adam PohlmanThe Spirit of Adoption: Abba, Father!Romans 8:12-172016-11-13 - Adam Pohlman - The Spirit of Adoption Abba, Father!.mp3
November 6th, 2016Dr Leo EndelIt Is FinishedJohn 19:16-372016-11-06 - Dr Leo Endel - It Is Finished.mp3
October 30th, 2016Dr Leo EndelBehold the ManJohn 19:1-162016-10-30 - Dr Leo Endel - Behold the Man.mp3
October 23rd, 2016Clint CalvertThe Thrill of Victory, The Agony of DefeatJohn 13:36-39; 18:25-27; 21:15-192016-10-23 - Clint Calvert - The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat.mp3
October 16th, 2016Dr Leo EndelWhat is Truth?John 182016-10-16 - Dr Leo Endel - What is Truth.mp3
October 9th, 2016Dr Leo EndelA True HeroJohn 18:1-112016-10-09 - Dr Leo Endel - A True Hero.mp3
October 2nd, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Power of OneJohn 172016-10-02 - Dr Leo Endel - The Power of One.mp3
October 2nd, 2016Jake TonakHolding Onto UsJohn 17:6-192016-09-25 - Jake Tonak - Holding Onto Us.mp3
September 18th, 2016Dr Leo EndelFor God's GloryJohn 17:1-62016-09-18 - Dr Leo Endel - For Gods Glory.mp3
September 11th, 2016Dr Leo EndelYou'll Get Through ThisJohn 16:16-332016-09-11 - Dr Leo Endel - Youll Get Through This.mp3
September 4th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Holy Spirit: Advocate, Helper, & ComfortJohn 16:5-162016-09-04 - Dr Leo Endel - The Holy Spirit Advocate, Helper, & Comfort.mp3
August 28th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Insanity of GodJohn 15:18-16:42016-08-28 - Dr Leo Endel - The Insanity of God.mp3
August 21st, 2016Clint CalvertWorking For or With GodJohn 15:1-172016-08-21 - Clint Calvert - Working For or With God.mp3
August 14th, 2016Dr Leo EndelI Will be With YouJohn 14:15-312016-08-14 - Dr Leo Endel - I Will be With You.mp3
August 7th, 2016Jake TonakLet Not Your Hearts be TroubledJohn 14:1-142016-08-07 - Jake Tonak - Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled.mp3
July 31st, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Glory of GodJohn 13:31-382016-07-31 - Dr Leo Endel - The Glory of God.mp3
July 24th, 2016Robert MorganLoving OthersMatthew 22:37-402016-07-24 - Robert Morgan - Loving Others.mp3
July 17th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Light Shines in the DarknessJohn 13:18-302016-07-17 - Dr Leo Endel - The Light Shines in the Darkness.mp3
July 10th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThis is the Way to HappinessJohn 13:1-172016-07-10 - Dr Leo Endel - This is the Way to Happiness.mp3
July 3rd, 2016Dr Leo EndelPersistant UnbeliefJohn 12:37-502016-07-03 - Dr Leo Endel - Persistant Unbelief.mp3
June 26th, 2016Dr Leo EndelSurrendered-Dying to LiveJohn 12:20-362016-06-26 - Dr Leo Endel - Surrendered-Dying to Live.mp3
June 19th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Biblical FatherProverbs 20:6-72016-06-19 - Dr Leo Endel - The Biblical Father.mp3
June 12th, 2016Clint CalvertAttitudes-DepressionJames 5:17-18; 1 Kings 19:1-182016-06-12 - Clint Calvert - Attitudes-Depression.mp3
June 5th, 2016Dr Leo EndelAttitudes-Grief1 Peter 12016-06-05 - Dr Leo Endel - Attitudes-Grief.mp3
May 29th, 2016Joshua RhoadesAttitudes-Worry: The Search for PeacePhilippians 4:4-92016-05-29 - Joshua Rhoades - Attitudes-Worry The Search for Peace.mp3
May 22nd, 2016Dr Leo EndelAttitudes-AngerEphesians 4:25-322016-05-22 - Dr Leo Endel - Attitudes-Anger.mp3
May 15th, 2016Dr Leo EndelAttitudes-You Can be ChangedEphesians 4:17-242016-05-15 - Dr Leo Endel - Attitudes-You Can be Changed.mp3
May 8th, 2016Dr Steve MelvinWhatever You Do...Colossians 3:172016-05-08 - Dr Steve Melvin - Whatever You Do....mp3
May 1st, 2016Dr Leo EndelExtravagantJohn 12:1-112016-05-01 - Dr Leo Endel - Extravagant.mp3
April 24th, 2016Dr Leo EndelI AM God's SonJohn 10:22-392016-04-24 - Dr Leo Endel - I AM Gods Son.mp3
April 17th, 2016Dr Leo EndelI AM the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-162016-04-17 - Dr Leo Endel - I AM the Good Shepherd.mp3
April 10th, 2016Dr Leo EndelI Am the GateJohn 102016-04-10 - Dr Leo Endel - I Am the Gate.mp3
April 3rd, 2016Dr Leo EndelI Was Blind but Now I SeeJohn 92016-04-03 - Dr Leo Endel - I Was Blind but Now I See.mp3
March 27th, 2016Dr Leo EndelUnbelievableJohn 11:1-452016-03-27 - Dr Leo Endel - Unbelievable.mp3
March 20th, 2016Josh RhoadesThe Victory ParadeJohn 12:12-192016-03-20 - Josh Rhoades - The Victory Parade.mp3
March 13th, 2016Dr Leo EndelI AM the Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-362016-03-13 - Dr Leo Endel - I AM the Light of the World.mp3
March 6th, 2016Clint CalvertEscaping the Gravity of the Culture1 John 2:15-172016-03-06 - Clint Calvert - Escaping the Gravity of the Culture.mp3
February 28th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Merciful Judge: Drop the StoneJohn 7:53-8:112016-02-28 - Dr Leo Endel - The Merciful Judge Drop the Stone.mp3
February 21st, 2016Dr Leo EndelTime of our Rejoicing: He's Everything You NeedJohn 7:37-522016-02-21 - Dr Leo Endel - Time of our Rejoicing Hes Everything You Need.mp3
February 14th, 2016Clint CalvertBecoming a Confident Christian1 John 2:3-112016-02-14 - Clint Calvert - Becoming a Confident Christian.mp3
February 7th, 2016Dr Leo EndelThe Spirit of the LawJohn 7:1-312016-02-07 - Dr Leo Endel - The Spirit of the Law.mp3
January 31st, 2016Dr Leo EndelI Am the bread of LifeJohn 6:26-522016-01-31 - Dr Leo Endel - I Am the bread of Life.mp3
January 24th, 2016Dr Leo EndelJesus is EnoughJohn 6:1-342016-01-24 - Dr Leo Endel - Jesus is Enough.mp3
January 17th, 2016Dr Leo EndelWhat is God Doing?John 5:16-472016-01-17 - Dr Leo Endel - What is God Doing.mp3
January 10th, 2016Dr Leo EndelIn Need of Healing: Faith & GraceJohn 4:43-5:152016-01-10 - Dr Leo Endel - In Need of Healing Faith & Grace.mp3
January 3rd, 2016Clint CalvertWhenever You PrayMatthew 6:5-82016-01-03 - Clint Calvert - Whenever You Pray.mp3
December 27th, 2015Dr Leo EndelWhat Child is This?Isaiah 9:1-72015-12-27 - Dr Leo Endel - What Child is This.mp3
December 24th, 2015Dr Leo EndelChristmas MeditationLuke 22015-12-24 - Dr Leo Endel - Christmas Meditation.mp3
December 20th, 2015Dr Leo EndelJoseph & the AngelMatthew 1:18-252015-12-20 - Dr Leo Endel - Joseph & the Angel.mp3
December 13th, 2015Dr Leo EndelMaryLuke 1:26-382015-12-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Mary.mp3
December 6th, 2015Dr Leo EndelZechariahLuke 1:5-252015-12-06 - Dr Leo Endel - Zechariah.mp3
November 29th, 2015Dr Leo EndelAngels Watching Over MeSelected Scriptures2015-11-29 - Dr Leo Endel - Angels Watching Over Me.mp3
November 22nd, 2015Dr Leo EndelApplaud GodPsalm 1002015-11-22 - Dr Leo Endel - Applaud God.mp3
November 15th, 2015Dr Leo EndelThirsty?John 4:1-422015-11-15 - Dr Leo Endel - Thirsty.mp3
November 8th, 2015Dr Steve MelvinReligion that God Accepts-Orphan SundayJames1:26-272015-11-08 - Dr Steve Melvin - Religion that God Accepts-Orphan Sunday.mp3
November 1st, 2015Dr Leo EndelMore of Him-Less of MeJohn 3:22-362015-11-01 - Dr Leo Endel - More of Him-Less of Me.mp3
October 25th, 2015Jack Bell & Clint CalvertTaking the Next StepsPhilippians 1:3-112015-10-25 - Jack Bell & Clint Calvert - Taking the Next Steps.mp3
October 18th, 2015Dr Leo EndelJohn 3:16John 3:1-212015-10-18 - Dr Leo Endel - John 316.mp3
October 11th, 2015Dr Leo EndelTotal TransformationJohn 2:23-3:21; Ezekiel2015-10-11 - Dr Leo Endel - Total Transformation.mp3
October 4th, 2015Clint CalvertLiving the Question in JohnJohn 1:35-39; 47-51; 2:1-42015-10-04 - Clint Calvert - Living the Question in John.mp3
September 27th, 2015Dr Leo EndelSick and Tired of ReligionJohn 2:12-252015-09-27 - Dr Leo Endel - Sick and Tired of Religion.mp3
September 20th, 2015Dr Leo EndelThe Wedding of CanaJohn 2a2015-09-20 - Dr Leo Endel - The Wedding of Cana.mp3
September 13th, 2015Dr Leo EndelCome and See; Follow MeJohn 12015-09-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Come and See; Follow Me.mp3
September 6th, 2015Dr Leo EndelGod Came to UsJohn 12015-09-06 - Dr Leo Endel - God Came to Us.mp3
August 30th, 2015Dr Leo EndelHealing Our Sexual Brokenness1 Corinthians 7:1-9; Selected Scriptures2015-08-30 - Dr Leo Endel - Healing Our Sexual Brokenness.mp3
August 23rd, 2015Dr Leo EndelThe What and Why of SexSelected Portions2015-08-23 - Dr Leo Endel - The What and Why of Sex.mp3
August 16th, 2015Dr Leo EndelMarriage & the Plan of GodGen 2-3; Eph 5; Rev 19-212015-08-16 - Dr Leo Endel - Marriage & the Plan of God.mp3
August 2nd, 2015Dr Leo EndelMutual Submission-Give and TakeEphesians 52015-08-02 - Dr Leo Endel - Mutual Submission-Give and Take.mp3
July 26th, 2015Dr Leo EndelThe Song of SongsSongs of Solomon2015-07-26 - Dr Leo Endel - The Song of Songs.mp3
July 19th, 2015Dr Leo EndelWhat's it All AboutEcclesiastes2015-07-19 - Dr Leo Endel - Whats it All About.mp3
July 12th, 2015Dr Leo EndelEmmanuel MomentsJoshua 12015-07-12 - Dr Leo Endel - Emmanuel Moments.mp3
July 5th, 2015Clint CalvertWake Up CallSelections from Malachi2015-07-05 - Clint Calvert - Wake Up Call.mp3
June 21st, 2015Dr Steve MelvinAs For Me and My Family...Joshua 24:13-152015-06-21 - Dr Steve Melvin - As For Me and My Family....mp3
June 14th, 2015Clint CalvertSwimming Upstream1 Peter 3:8-12; Psalm 342015-06-14 - Clint Calvert - Swimming Upstream.mp3
June 7th, 2015Clint CalvertBeing My Brother's KeeperHebrews 2:11-13; 5:11-14; 10:24-25; 13:222015-06-07 - Clint Calvert - Being My Brothers Keeper.mp3
May 31st, 2015Clint CalvertOrdination Service: Elders & Deacons1 Timothy 3:1-132015-05-31 - Clint Calvert - Ordination Service Elders and Deacons.mp3
May 31st, 2015Clint CalvertOrdination Service: Elders & Deacons1 Timothy 3:1-132015-05-31 - Clint Calvert - Ordination Service Elders & Deacons.mp3
May 24th, 2015Dr Leo EndelTogetherEcclesiastes 4:9-122015-05-24 - Dr Leo Endel - Together.mp3
May 17th, 2015Clint CalvertWhat We Owe One AnotherRomans 12-132015-05-17 - Clint Calvert - What We Owe One Another.mp3
May 10th, 2015Clint CalvertBecause I Said SoJohn 13:24-25; 15:12-13; 1 John 2:7-11; 3:16-18; 4:7-12; 5:1; 2 John 5-62015-05-10 - Clint Calvert - Because I Said So.mp3
May 3rd, 2015Clint CalvertGrowing DisciplesSelected Scriptures2015-05-03 - Clint Calvert - Growing Disciples.mp3
April 26th, 2015Clint CalvertThe Role of Scripture on the Path of LifeSelected Scriptures2015-04-26 - Clint Calvert - The Role of Scripture on the Path of Life.mp3
April 19th, 2015Clint CalvertThe Gospel Changes EverythingHeb 1:1-2; Luke 24:25-272015-04-19 - Clint Calvert - The Gospel Changes Everything.mp3
April 12th, 2015Clint CalvertFrom Opposition to VictoryActs 20:17-24; Selected Verses2015-04-12 - Clint Calvert - From Opposition to Victory.mp3
April 5th, 2015Clint CalvertJesus is Alive!Luke 24:36-492015-04-05 - Clint Calvert - Jesus is Alive!.mp3
April 3rd, 2015Dr Leo EndelThe Seven Last Words of ChristSelected Scriptures2015-04-03 - Dr Leo Endel - The Seven Last Words of Christ.mp3
March 29th, 2015Clint CalvertEternal Impact: From Leadership to Gifted Membership-A Community of Priests1 Peter 2:5-102015-03-29 - Clint Calvert - Eternal Impact From Leadership to Gifted Membership-A Community of Priests.mp3
March 22nd, 2015Clint CalvertEternal Impact: A Glroious SymphonyRomans 15:1-6; Selected Verses2015-03-22 - Clint Calvert - Eternal Impact A Glroious Symphony.mp3
March 15th, 2015Clint CalvertFrom Here to the End of the EarthActs 1:82015-03-15 - Clint Calvert - From Here to the End of the Earth.mp3
March 8th, 2015Clint CalvertEternal Impact: From Foundation to MissionMatthew 16:13-182015-03-08 - Clint Calvert - Eternal Impact From Foundation to Mission.mp3
March 1st, 2015Clint CalvertEternal Impact: Recovering our Passion for the ChurchEphesians 3:8-112015-03-01 - Clint Calvert - Eternal Impact Recovering our Passion for the Church.mp3
February 22nd, 2015Clint CalvertThe Key to RenewalLuke 19:1-102015-02-22 - Clint Calvert - The Key to Renewal.mp3
February 15th, 2015Dr Martin KnoxFinding Gideon's MenJudges 7:1-82015-02-15 - Dr Martin Knox - Finding Gideons Men.mp3
February 8th, 2015Dr Martin KnoxDoing God's TaskJudges 6:11-242015-02-08 - Dr Martin Knox - Doing Gods Task.mp3
February 1st, 2015Dr Martin KnoxNo Ordinary MealMatthew 26:26-302015-02-01 - Dr Martin Knox - No Ordinary Meal.mp3
January 25th, 2015Jim BensonBig Words from the Love Chapter1 Cor. 13:4-7; Selected Portions2015-01-25 - Jim Benson - Big Words from the Love Chapter.mp3
January 18th, 2015Dr Martin KnoxWatch Your HeartProverbs 4:232015-01-18 - Dr Martin Knox - Watch Your Heart.mp3
January 11th, 2015Dr Martin KnoxDoing What is Important to GodLuke 2:41-522015-01-11 - Dr Martin Knox - Doing What is Important to God.mp3
January 4th, 2015Dylan PriceVisit of the MagiMatthew 2:1-122015-01-04 - Dylan Price - Visit of the Magi.mp3
December 28th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxCelebrate NowIsaiah 61:10-62:52014-12-28 - Dr Martin Knox - Celebrate Now.mp3
December 24th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxCome to the LightIsaiah 8:21-9:72014-12-24 - Dr Martin Knox - Come to the Light.mp3
December 21st, 2014Dr Martin KnoxA Past with a Future2 Samuel 7:1-172014-12-21 - Dr Martin Knox - A Past with a Future.mp3
December 14th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxThe Joy of the GospelIsaiah 61:1-112014-12-14 - Dr Martin Knox - The Joy of the Gospel.mp3
December 7th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxCall OutIsaiah 40:1-112014-12-07 - Dr Martin Knox - Call Out.mp3
November 30th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxAn Advent LamentIsaiah 63:7-64:122014-11-30 - Dr Martin Knox - An Advent Lament.mp3
November 23rd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxThe Gosple According to EzekielEzekiel 342014-11-23 - Dr Martin Knox - The Gosple According to Ezekiel.mp3
November 16th, 2014Bob RayWhen God Changes Your PlansActs 162014-11-16 - Bob Ray - When God Changes Your Plans.mp3
November 9th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxGrace AppearedTitus 2:11-142014-11-09 - Dr Martin Knox - Grace Appeared.mp3
November 2nd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxFrom the Beginning-Part21 John 1:1-2:22014-11-02 - Dr Martin Knox - From the Beginning-Part2.mp3
October 26th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxFrom the Beginning-Part 11 John 1:12014-10-26 - Dr Martin Knox - From the Beginning-Part 1.mp3
October 19th, 2014Clint CalvertAn Insider's View of the Church1 Thessalonians 52014-10-19 - Clint Calvert - An Insiders View of the Church.mp3
October 12th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxChurch MissionJohn 21:1-132014-10-12 - Dr Martin Knox - Church Mission.mp3
October 5th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxThe Definition of a DiscipleMatthew 4:192014-10-05 - Dr Martin Knox - The Definition of a Disciple.mp3
September 28th, 2014Dr Martin Knox4XFour ChallengeActs 8:25-402014-09-28 - Dr Martin Knox - 4XFour Challenge.mp3
September 21st, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVisionActs 2:42-472014-09-21 - Dr Martin Knox - Vision.mp3
September 14th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxOur Mission: Make DisciplesMatthew 28:16-202014-09-14 - Dr Martin Knox - Our Mission Make Disciples.mp3
September 7th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxThe Lord's SupperSelected Texts2014-09-07 - Dr Martin Knox - The Lords Supper.mp3
August 31st, 2014Dr Martin KnoxWorking for God: At Work & School1 Kings 18:1-182014-08-31 - Dr Martin Knox - Working for God At Work & School.mp3
August 24th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxElijah and the Power of God1 Kings 17:1; 18:1; & 18:192014-08-24 - Dr Martin Knox - Elijah and the Power of God.mp3
August 17th, 2014Dr Leo EndelThree TreesSelected Texts2014-08-17 - Dr Leo Endel - Three Trees.mp3
August 10th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxDaniel and the Lion's DenDaniel 6:1-282014-08-10 - Dr Martin Knox - Daniel and the Lions Den.mp3
August 3rd, 2014Steve MelvinA Church Doing the Right ThingsActs 4:1-372014-08-03 - Steve Melvin - A Church Doing the Right Things.mp3
July 27th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJacob WrestlesGenesis 32:22-322014-07-27 - Dr Martin Knox - Jacob Wrestles.mp3
July 20th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJacob's DreamGenesis 28:10-222014-07-20 - Dr Martin Knox - Jacobs Dream.mp3
July 13th, 2014James BensonBiblical ParentingSelected Texts2014-07-13 - James Benson - Biblical Parenting.mp3
July 6th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxReligious Liberty: Submitting to Unequal AuthoritiesMatthew 22:15-222014-07-06 - Dr Martin Knox - Religious Liberty Submitting to Unequal Authorities.mp3
June 29th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxThe Tower of BabelGenesis 11:1-92014-06-29 - Dr Martin Knox - The Tower of Babel.mp3
June 22nd, 2014Ward UtterbackA Welcoming Church CultureSelected Texts2014-06-22 - Ward Utterback - A Welcoming Church Culture.mp3
June 15th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSet Christ as Lord1 Peter 3:15-162014-06-15 - Dr Martin Knox - Set Christ as Lord.mp3
June 8th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I Am the VineJohn 15:1-62014-06-08 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I Am the Vine.mp3
June 1st, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I am the Way the Truth & the LifeJohn 14:1-72014-06-01 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I am the Way the Truth & the Life.mp3
May 25th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I Am the Resurrection & the LifeJohn 11:17-272014-05-25 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I Am the Resurrection & the Life.mp3
May 18th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-162014-05-18 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I am the Good Shepherd.mp3
May 11th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I Am the DoorJohn 10:1-102014-05-11 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I Am the Door.mp3
May 4th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I Am the Light of the WorldJohn 8: 12-202014-05-04 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I Am the Light of the World.mp3
April 27th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxJesus: In His Own Words-I am the Bread of LifeJohn 6:35-512014-04-27 - Dr Martin Knox - Jesus In His Own Words-I am the Bread of Life.mp3
April 20th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxDo You Understand?John 20:1-182014-04-20 - Dr Martin Knox - Do You Understand.mp3
April 18th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words of the Cross-Word 7Luke 23:462014-04-18 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words of the Cross-Word 7.mp3
April 17th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words from the Cross-Word 6John 19:302014-04-17 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words from the Cross-Word 6.mp3
April 13th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words from the Cross-Word 5John 19:282014-04-13 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words from the Cross-Word 5.mp3
April 6th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxWords from the Cross-Word 4Matthew 27:46-492014-04-06 - Dr Martin Knox - Words from the Cross-Word 4.mp3
March 23rd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words from the Cross-Word 3John 19:25-272014-03-23 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words from the Cross-Word 3.mp3
March 16th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words from the Cross-Word 2Luke 23:39-432014-03-16 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words from the Cross-Word 2.mp3
March 9th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSeven Words from the Cross-Word 1Luke 23:342014-03-09 - Dr Martin Knox - Seven Words from the Cross-Word 1.mp3
March 5th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxSon of God, Have Mercy on MeLuke 18:9-142014-03-05 - Dr Martin Knox - Son of God, Have Mercy on Me.mp3
March 2nd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVISION: Favor & PeopleActs 2:42-472014-03-02 - Dr Martin Knox - VISION Favor & People.mp3
February 23rd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVISION: CareSelected Texts in Acts & Isaiah2014-02-23 - Dr Martin Knox - VISION Care.mp3
February 16th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVISION: Worship & PrayerIsaiah 62014-02-16 - Dr Martin Knox - VISION Worship & Prayer.mp3
February 9th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVISION: CommunityActs 2:42-472014-02-09 - Dr Martin Knox - VISION Community.mp3
February 2nd, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVision: Discipleship1 John 1:62014-02-02 - Dr Martin Knox - Vision Discipleship.mp3
January 26th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxVISION: DevotionActs 2:422014-01-26 - Dr Martin Knox - VISION Devotion.mp3
January 19th, 2014Joshua RhoadesReality CheckRevelation 3:14-222014-01-19 - Joshua Rhoades - Reality Check.mp3
January 12th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxWhat Do We DoActs 2:42-472014-01-12 - Dr Martin Knox - What Do We Do.mp3
January 5th, 2014Dr Martin KnoxWise Men and ScribesMatthew 2:1-122014-01-05 - Dr Martin Knox - Wise Men and Scribes.mp3
December 29th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Pioneer of SalvationHebrews 2:10-182013-12-29 - Dr Martin Knox - The Pioneer of Salvation.mp3
December 22nd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxA Boy Named JesusMatthew 1:18-252013-12-22 - Dr Martin Knox - A Boy Named Jesus.mp3
December 15th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxBursting into JoyIsaiah 35:1-102013-12-15 - Dr Martin Knox - Bursting into Joy.mp3
December 8th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxOh You Better Watch OutRomans 13:8-142013-12-08 - Dr Martin Knox - Oh You Better Watch Out.mp3
December 1st, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Anticipation of HopeRomans 15:4-132013-12-01 - Dr Martin Knox - The Anticipation of Hope.mp3
November 24th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Journey HomeSelected Portions from Romans2013-11-24 - Dr Martin Knox - The Journey Home.mp3
November 17th, 2013Dr. Richard Melick, Jr.The Benefits of SalvationRomans 5:1-52013-11-17 - Dr. Richard Melick, Jr. - The Benefits of Salvation.mp3
November 10th, 2013Leo EndelAmazing PrayerActs 122013-11-10 - Leo Endel - Amazing Prayer.mp3
November 3rd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Superiority of ChristHebrews 1:1-42013-11-03 - Dr Martin Knox - The Superiority of Christ.mp3
October 27th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxPraise the KingPsalms 1452013-10-27 - Dr Martin Knox - Praise the King.mp3
October 20th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxDry Bones Live By the SpiritEzekiel 37:1-142013-10-20 - Dr Martin Knox - Dry Bones Live By the Spirit.mp3
October 13th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxPreparing to ServeLuke 22:7-272013-10-13 - Dr Martin Knox - Preparing to Serve.mp3
October 6th, 2013Dr Martin Knox4XFour Challenge: InviteMark 1:14-202013-10-06 - Dr Martin Knox - 4XFour Challenge Invite.mp3
September 29th, 2013Dr Martin Knox4XFour Challange: InvestLuke 5:27-322013-09-29 - Dr Martin Knox - 4XFour Challange Invest.mp3
September 22nd, 2013Dr Martin Knox4 X Four Challenge: IntercedeExodus 17:8-132013-09-22 - Dr Martin Knox - 4XFour Challenge Intercede.mp3
September 15th, 2013Dr Martin Knox4XFour Challenge: IdentifyJohn 1:43-512013-09-15 - Dr Martin Knox - 4XFour Challenge Identify.mp3
September 8th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxGoing Around CompassionateMatthew 9:35-382013-09-08 - Dr Martin Knox - Going Around Compassionate.mp3
September 1st, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFinding SignificanceProverbs 30:24-282013-09-01 - Dr Martin Knox - Finding Significance.mp3
August 25th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxIt Just Isn't Right!Habukkuk 1-32013-08-25 - Dr Martin Knox - It Just Isnt Right!.mp3
August 11th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Lord's SupperSelected Scriptures2013-08-11 - Dr Martin Knox - The Lords Supper.mp3
August 4th, 2013Steve MelvinPeople Far From GodSelected Texts in Luke, John, & Acts2013-08-04 - Steve Melvin - People Far From God.mp3
July 28th, 2013Adam PohlmanDon't Let Your Pleasures Steal Your JoyMatthew 13:442013-07-28 - Adam Pohlman - Dont Let Your Pleasures Steal Your Joy.mp3
July 21st, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Save a Fellow SinnerJames 5:19-202013-07-21 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Save a Fellow Sinner.mp3
July 14th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Curing Sickness & SinJames 5:13-182013-07-14 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Curing Sickness & Sin.mp3
June 23rd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: You Might be Rich if...James 5:1-62013-06-23 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works You Might be Rich if....mp3
June 16th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Do the Right Thing in the Right SpiritJames 4:13-172013-06-16 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Do the Right Thing in the Right Spirit.mp3
June 9th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Humility RequiredJames 4:7-122013-06-09 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Humility Required.mp3
June 2nd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxWhen We Gather at the Lord's TableMatthew 26:26-292013-06-02 - Dr Martin Knox - When We Gather at the Lords Table.mp3
May 26th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: No Humility, Know Conflict Know Humility No ConflictJames 4:1-62013-05-26 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works No Humility, Know Conflict Know Humility No Conflict.mp3
May 19th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Wisdom is PureJames 3:13-182013-05-19 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Wisdom is Pure.mp3
May 12th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Warning: Uncontrolled TongueJames 3:1-122013-05-12 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Warning Uncontrolled Tongue.mp3
May 5th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: Show Me Your FaithJames 2:14-262013-05-05 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works Show Me Your Faith.mp3
April 28th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith That Works: You Can't Play FavoritesJames 2:1-132013-04-28 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith That Works You Cant Play Favorites.mp3
April 21st, 2013Bob RayFaith that Works: Looking in the MirrorJames 1:19-272013-04-21 - Bob Ray - Faith that Works Looking in the Mirror.mp3
April 14th, 2013David SundeenFaith That Works: Dealing with TemptationJames 1:9-192013-04-14 - David Sundeen - Faith That Works Dealing with Temptation.mp3
April 7th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxFaith that Works: Trials that ProduceJames 1:1-82013-04-07 - Dr Martin Knox - Faith that Works Trials that Produce.mp3
March 31st, 2013Dr Martin KnoxResponses to the ResurrectionJohn 20:1-182013-03-31 - Dr Martin Knox - Responses to the Resurrection.mp3
March 29th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxGood Friday MessageJohn 18:1-19:422013-03-29 - Dr Martin Knox - Good Friday Message.mp3
March 28th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxMaunday Thursday MessageLuke 21:29-22:132013-03-28 - Dr Martin Knox - Maunday Thursday Message.mp3
March 24th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Lord Needs It!Luke 19:28-402013-03-24 - Dr Martin Knox - The Lord Needs It!.mp3
March 17th, 2013Adam PohlmanWhat Does it Cost to Love Your Neighbor?Luke 10:25-37, 14:25-332013-03-17 - Adam Pohlman - What Does it Cost to Love Your Neighbor.mp3
March 10th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxSamson Was a WeaklingJudges 16:1-312013-03-10 - Dr Martin Knox - Samson Was a Weakling.mp3
March 3rd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: The People of God1 Peter 2:4-122013-03-03 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church The People of God.mp3
February 24th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: The Building of God1 Corinthians 3:9-172013-02-24 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church The Building of God.mp3
February 17th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: Community of the SpiritSelected Scriptures2013-02-17 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church Community of the Spirit.mp3
February 10th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: The Bride of ChirstEphesians 5:22-332013-02-10 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church The Bride of Chirst.mp3
February 3rd, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: The Body of Christ1 Corinthians 12:12-312013-02-03 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church The Body of Christ.mp3
January 27th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe Church: The Head of the ChurchColossians 1:13-232013-01-27 - Dr Martin Knox - The Church The Head of the Church.mp3
January 20th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxOur Church Mission StatementSelected Scriptures2013-01-20 - Dr Martin Knox - Our Church Mission Statement.mp3
January 13th, 2013Dr Martin KnoxThe State of the ChurchJeremiah 29:1-142013-01-13 - Dr Martin Knox - The State of the Church.mp3
January 6th, 2013Les StevensHearing AND DoingJames 1:19-252013-01-06 - Les Stevens - Hearing AND Doing.mp3
December 30th, 2012Marvin KnoxWhat If? Why Not?Acts 4:31-332012-12-30 - Marvin Knox - What If Why Not.mp3
December 24th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxChristmas Eve MessageLuke 2:1-202012-12-24 - Dr Martin Knox - Christmas Eve Message.mp3
December 23rd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxThe Emmanuel MotherLuke 1:39-562012-12-23 - Dr Martin Knox - The Emmanuel Mother.mp3
December 16th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxWhat Do We Do?Luke 3:7-182012-12-16 - Dr Martin Knox - What Do We Do.mp3
December 9th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxCurrent Context, Historic ContentLuke 3:1-62012-12-09 - Dr Martin Knox - Current Context, Historic Content.mp3
December 2nd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxDoing the OppositeLuke 21:25-362012-12-02 - Dr Martin Knox - Doing the Opposite.mp3
November 25th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxSummarizing Your LifeGenesis 6:1-15a, 222012-11-25 - Dr Martin Knox - Summarizing Your Life.mp3
November 18th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxGratitude in CommunityDeuteronomy 26:1-112012-11-18 - Dr Martin Knox - Gratitude in Community.mp3
November 11th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxSymbolisms of the Lord's Supper1 Corinthians 10:162012-11-11 - Dr Martin Knox - Symbolisms in the Lords Supper.mp3
November 4th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith In Christ's StrengthPhilippians 4:10-232012-11-04 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith In Christs Strength.mp3
October 28th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith in the SpiritPhilippians 4:2-92012-10-28 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith in the Spirit.mp3
October 21st, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith by Pressing Towards the GospelPhilippians 3:12-4:12012-10-21 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith by Pressing Towards the Gospel.mp3
October 14th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith by Faith in ChristPhilippians 3:1-112012-10-14 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith by Faith in Christ.mp3
October 7th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxHow Do I Vote?Mark 12:122012-10-07 - Dr Martin Knox - How Do I Vote.mp3
September 30th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith 2 ExamplesPhilippians 2:19-302012-09-30 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith 2 Examples.mp3
September 23rd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith With ObediencePhilippians 2:12-182012-09-23 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith With Obedience.mp3
September 16th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith With HumilityPhilippians 2:5-112012-09-16 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith With Humility.mp3
September 9th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith with ConsiderationPhilippians 2:1-42012-09-09 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith with Consideration.mp3
September 2nd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith With UnityPhilippians 1:27-302012-09-02 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith With Unity.mp3
August 26th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith Through Prayer and ProvisionPhilippians 1:18b-262012-08-26 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith Through Prayer and Provision.mp3
August 19th, 2012Clint CalvertMy Relationship with JesusSelected Scriptures from John2012-08-19 - Clint Calvert - My Relationship with Jesus.mp3
August 12th, 2012Dave WedekindGod Brings Purpose Through His PromiseRomans 8:282012-08-12 - Dave Wedekind - God Brings Purpose Through His Promise.mp3
August 5th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith Without FearPhilippians 1:12-18b2012-08-05 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith Without Fear.mp3
July 29th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxLive Our Faith: As Christ Perfects UsPhilippians 1:1-112012-07-29 - Dr Martin Knox - Live Our Faith As Christ Perfects Us.mp3
July 22nd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxA Great Church Follows Jesus' StrategyActs 1:1-142012-07-22 - Dr Martin Knox - A Great Church Follows Jesus Strategy.mp3
July 15th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxA Great Church Fulfills a Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-202012-07-15 - Dr Martin Knox - A Great Church Fulfills a Great Commission.mp3
July 8th, 2012Dr Martin KnoxA Great Church Obeys a Great CommandmentMatthew 22:36-402012-07-08 - Dr Martin Knox - A Great Church Obeys a Great Commandment.mp3
July 1st, 2012Dr Martin KnoxFellowship at the TableActs 2:42-472012-07-01 - Dr Martin Knox - Fellowship at the Table.mp3
June 24th, 2012Bob RayThe Right LeadersActs 14:21-282012-06-24 - Bob Ray - The Right Leaders.mp3
June 10th, 2012Dr Leo EndelAll 4-1-4 All- The Cooperative ProgramSelected Scriptures2012-06-10 - Dr Leo Endel - All 4-1-4 All- The Cooperative Program.mp3
June 3rd, 2012Dr Martin KnoxRuth- Doing What Is Good For OthersRuth 1:8-182012-06-03 - Dr Martin Knox - Ruth- Doing What Is Good For Others.mp3
May 27th, 2012Dr Steve MelvinBeing SentActs 13:1-122012-05-27 - Dr Steve Melvin - Being Sent.mp3
May 20th, 2012Dr David SundeenEven in Impossible SituationsActs 12:1-252012-05-20 - Dr David Sundeen - Even in Impossible Situations.mp3
May 13th, 2012Dr Leo EndelHannah- Hope for Hurting Women1 Samuel 12012-05-13 - Dr Leo Endel - Hannah- Hope for Hurting Women.mp3
May 6th, 2012Dr Leo EndelThe Paradigm ShiftActs 112012-05-06 - Dr Leo Endel - The Paradigm Shift.mp3
April 29th, 2012Bob RayBreaking Down the Wall of HostilityActs 102012-04-29 - Bob Ray - Breaking Down the Wall of Hostility.mp3
April 22nd, 2012Dr Leo EndelSaul- God Prepares a LeaderActs 9:1-312012-04-22 - Dr Leo Endel - Saul- God Prepares a Leader.mp3
April 15th, 2012Clint CalvertWhen Do We Get to Do the Stuff?Acts 8:9-252012-04-15 - Clint Calvert - When Do We Get to Do the Stuff.mp3
April 8th, 2012Dr Leo EndelHe Is Risen!Acts 8:25-402012-04-08 - Dr Leo Endel - He Is Risen!.mp3
April 1st, 2012Clint CalvertThe Case of the Scandalous SermonActs 6:8-7:602012-04-01 - Clint Calvert - The Case of the Scandalous Sermon.mp3
March 25th, 2012Dr Leo EndelChoosing the SevenActs 6:1-72012-03-25 - Dr Leo Endel - Choosing the Seven.mp3
March 18th, 2012Mark LydeckerLove LoudMatthew 14:13-212012-03-18 - Mark Lydecker - Love Loud.mp3
March 11th, 2012Dr Leo EndelWe Must Obey GodActs 5:11-422012-03-11 - Dr Leo Endel - We Must Obey God.mp3
March 4th, 2012Leo EndelWhat Are You Full Of?Acts 4:32-5:112012-03-04 - Leo Endel - What Are You Full Of.mp3
February 26th, 2012Leo EndelNobodiesActs 4:1-312012-02-26 - Leo Endel - Nobodies.mp3
February 19th, 2012Leo EndelWhen Broken People Meet JesusActs 3:1-262012-02-19 - Leo Endel - When Broken People Meet Jesus.mp3
February 12th, 2012Leo EndelThe Functions of the ChurchActs 2:41-472012-02-12 - Leo Endel - The Functions of the Church.mp3
February 5th, 2012Leo EndelThis JesusActs 2:14-402012-02-05 - Leo Endel - This Jesus.mp3
January 22nd, 2012Leo EndelActs- Waiting on the LordActs 1:12-262012-01-22 - Leo Endel - Acts- Waiting on the Lord.mp3
January 15th, 2012Leo EndelActs- What Do We Do Now?Acts 1:1-112012-01-15 - Leo Endel - Acts- What Do We Do Now.mp3
January 8th, 2012Bob RayPreparing to Hear GodLuke 9:23-242012-01-08 - Bob Ray - Preparing to Hear God.mp3
January 1st, 2012Leo EndelIs God Still Speaking?Selected Scriptures2012-01-01 - Leo Endel - Is God Still Speaking.mp3
December 25th, 2011Dr David SundeenWho is This Baby?John 1:1-182011-12-25 - Dr David Sundeen - Who is This Baby.mp3
December 18th, 2011Rocky ColemanWisdom from Simeon's QuestLuke 2:25-352011-12-18 - Rocky Coleman - Wisdom from Simeons Quest.mp3
December 11th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom in ChristGalatians 4:12-202011-12-11 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom in Christ.mp3
December 4th, 2011Leo EndelThe Real ThingMatthew 28:16-202011-12-04 - Leo Endel - The Real Thing.mp3
November 27th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom in ChristGalatians 4:1-112011-11-27 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom in Christ.mp3
November 20th, 2011Bob RayNow Thank We All Our GodPsalm 1362011-11-20 - Bob Ray - Now Thank We All Our God.mp3
November 13th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom in ChristGalatians 3:15-222011-11-13 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom in Christ.mp3
November 6th, 2011Jeremy LumanWorshipping the WorshipperJohn 172011-11-06 - Jeremy Luman - Worshipping the Worshipper.mp3
October 30th, 2011Clint CalvertDiscipleship- Growing Up Into HimEphesians 4:11-162011-10-30 - Clint Calvert - Discipleship- Growing Up Into Him.mp3
October 23rd, 2011Rocky ColemanElders1 Timothy 3:1-62011-10-23 - Rocky Coleman - Elders.mp3
October 19th, 2011Leo EndelSpiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 4Philippians 42011-10-19 - Leo Endel - Spiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 4.mp3
October 18th, 2011Leo EndelSpiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 3Philippians 42011-10-18 - Leo Endel - Spiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 3.mp3
October 16th, 2011Leo EndelSpiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 1Philippians 42011-10-16 - Leo Endel - Spiritual Renewal Through Joy- Part 1.mp3
October 9th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom In ChristGalatians 3:6-142011-10-09 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom In Christ.mp3
October 2nd, 2011Dr David SundeenAstounding EvangelismMark 2:1-122011-10-02 - Dr David Sundeen - Astounding Evangelism.mp3
September 25th, 2011Rocky ColemanChrist Speaks to Seven ChurchesRevelations 2 and 32011-09-25 - Rocky Coleman - Christ Speaks to Seven Churches.mp3
September 18th, 2011Norman WallaceHe Reconciled Us2 Corinthians 5:11-212011-09-18 - Norman Wallace - He Reconciled Us.mp3
September 11th, 2011Rocky ColemanExperiencing God- Part 2Exodus 32011-09-11 - Rocky Coleman - Experiencing God- Part 2.mp3
September 4th, 2011Rocky ColemanExperiencing God- Part 1John 5:16-202011-09-04 - Rocky Coleman - Experiencing God- Part 1.mp3
August 28th, 2011Rocky ColemanObedience in BaptismRomans 6:1-112011-08-28 - Rocky Coleman - Obedience in Baptism.mp3
August 21st, 2011Rocky ColemanAccountability to the SpiritGalatians 3:1-52011-08-21 - Rocky Coleman - Accountability to the Spirit.mp3
August 7th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom in ChristGalatians 2:11-212011-08-07 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom in Christ.mp3
July 24th, 2011Rocky ColemanFreedom in ChristGalatians 1:11-242011-07-24 - Rocky Coleman - Freedom in Christ.mp3
July 3rd, 2011Dr David SundeenImpossible SituationsActs 5:122011-07-03 - Dr David Sundeen - Impossible Situations.mp3
June 26th, 2011Dr David SundeenConsider Your Calling1 Corinthians 1:28-302011-06-26 - Dr David Sundeen - Consider Your Calling.mp3
June 19th, 2011Rocky ColemanConnections- To the CommunityMatthew 22:34-402011-06-19 - Rocky Coleman - Connections- To the Community.mp3
June 5th, 2011Rocky ColemanConnections- To ChristMatthew 22:34-402011-06-05 - Rocky Coleman - Connections- To Christ.mp3
May 29th, 2011Dr Steve MelvinGod's Answer to Man's ComplaintHabakkuk2011-05-29 - Dr Steve Melvin - Gods Answer to Mans Complaint.mp3
May 22nd, 2011Dr David MurrayThe Lords SupperSelected Scriptures2011-05-22 - Dr David Murray - The Lords Supper.mp3
May 15th, 2011Jim BensonTools for your Prayer ToolboxSelected Scriptures2011-05-15 - Jim Benson - Tools for your Prayer Toolbox.mp3
May 8th, 2011David SundeenMothers- Bridges to LifeRomans 6:232011-05-08 - David Sundeen - Mothers- Bridges to Life.mp3
May 1st, 2011Bob RayLoving RelationshipsSelected Scriptures2011-05-01 - Bob Ray - Loving Relationships.mp3
April 24th, 2011Leo EndelThe Resurrection Means Everything1 Corinthians 152011-04-24 - Leo Endel - The Resurrection Means Everything.mp3
April 17th, 2011Nathan RayThe Triumphal EntryLuke 19:28-402011-04-17 - Nathan Ray - The Triumphal Entry.mp3
April 10th, 2011Chuck HermannBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- MissionsMatthew 19:20-232011-04-10 - Chuck Hermann - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Missions.mp3
April 3rd, 2011Nathan RayBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- EvangelismRevelations 2:1-52011-04-03 - Nathan Ray - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Evangelism.mp3
March 27th, 2011Jeremy LumanBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- Stewardship1 Peter 1:172011-03-27 - Jeremy Luman - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Stewardship.mp3
March 20th, 2011Adam PohlmanBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- ConfessionPsalm 512011-03-20 - Adam Pohlman - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Confession.mp3
March 13th, 2011Joshua RhoadesBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- AccountabilityHebrews 10:23-252011-03-13 - Joshua Rhoades - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Accountability.mp3
March 6th, 2011Rocky ColemanBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- PrayerSelected Scriptures2011-03-06 - Rocky Coleman - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Prayer.mp3
February 27th, 2011Jacob TonakBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- Bible StudySelected Scriptures2011-02-27 - Jacob Tonak - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Bible Study.mp3
February 20th, 2011Kevin BinkleyBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- WorshipJohn 9:30-382011-02-20 - Kevin Binkley - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Worship.mp3
February 13th, 2011Kevin BinkleyBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- Spiritual DisciplineSelected Scriptures2011-02-13 - Kevin Binkley - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Spiritual Discipline.mp3
February 6th, 2011Rocky ColemanBuilding Blocks of the Christian Life- IntroductionEphesians 2:1-102011-02-06 - Rocky Coleman - Building Blocks of the Christian Life- Introduction.mp3
January 30th, 2011Kevin BinkleyWhat is a DeaconSelected Scriptures2011-01-30 - Kevin Binkley - What is a Deacon.mp3
January 23rd, 2011Kevin BinkleySo Send I YouJohn 20:19-232011-01-23 - Kevin Binkley - So Send I You.mp3
January 16th, 2011Kevin BinkleyA Man Who Wanted to Go to HeavenMark 10:17-312011-01-16 - Kevin Binkley - A Man Who Wanted to Go to Heaven.mp3
January 9th, 2011Kevin BinkleyWhat God DoesSelected Scriptures2011-01-09 - Kevin Binkley - What God Does.mp3
January 2nd, 2011Kevin BinkleyDo What You DoSelected Scriptures2011-01-02 - Kevin Binkley - Do What You Do.mp3
December 26th, 2010Jeremy LumanChristmas FutureHebrews 12:1-22010-12-26 - Jeremy Luman - Christmas Future.mp3
December 5th, 2010Kevin BinkleyChristmas PastSelected Scriptures2010-12-05 - Kevin Binkley - Christmas Past.mp3
November 28th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly WomanhoodSelected Scriptures2010-11-28 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Womanhood.mp3
November 21st, 2010David SundeenGodly ManhoodSelected Scriptures2010-11-21 - David Sundeen - Godly Manhood.mp3
November 14th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly Parenting- Loving OrphansJames 1:272010-11-14 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Parenting- Loving Orphans.mp3
November 7th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly Parenting- Parenting PitfallsSelected Scriptures2010-11-07 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Parenting- Parenting Pitfalls.mp3
October 31st, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly Parenting- Daring to Discipline- Part 2Selected Scriptures2010-10-31 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Parenting- Daring to Discipline- Part 2.mp3
October 24th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly Parenting- Daring to Discipline- Part 1Selected Scriptures2010-10-24 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Parenting- Daring to Discipline- Part 1.mp3
October 17th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGodly Parenting- The ObjectiveSelected Scriptures2010-10-17 - Kevin Binkley - Godly Parenting- The Objective.mp3
September 26th, 2010Dr Dennis HansenA Message for Our ChurchesIsaiah 6:12010-09-26 - Dr Dennis Hansen - A Message for Our Churches.mp3
September 19th, 2010Rocky ColemanThe God of the ProphetsSelected Scriptures2010-09-19 - Rocky Coleman - The God of the Prophets.mp3
September 12th, 2010Kevin BinkleyThe God of the WisdomSelected Scriptures2010-09-12 - Kevin Binkley - The God of the Wisdom.mp3
August 29th, 2010Kevin BinkleyThe God of the CovenantsSelected Scriptures2010-08-29 - Kevin Binkley - The God of the Covenants.mp3
August 15th, 2010Jeremy LumanWhere is the Lamb?Genesis 22:72010-08-15 - Jeremy Luman - Where is the Lamb.mp3
August 8th, 2010Kevin BinkleyBe a Better BoasterGalatians 6:11-182010-08-08 - Kevin Binkley - Be a Better Boaster.mp3
July 18th, 2010Kevin BinkleyThe Fruit of the SpiritGalatians 5:16-262010-07-18 - Kevin Binkley - The Fruit of the Spirit.mp3
July 11th, 2010Kevin BinkleyReflectionsSelected Scriptures2010-07-11 - Kevin Binkley - Reflections.mp3
July 4th, 2010Ron BuzzardBeing ChurchEphesians 1:20-232010-07-04 - Ron Buzzard - Being Church.mp3
June 27th, 2010Kevin BinkleyThe Strength to be a Better LoverGalatians 5:16-262010-06-27 - Kevin Binkley - The Strength to be a Better Lover.mp3
June 13th, 2010Kevin BinkleyFreedom to Do What You WantGalatians 4:21-312010-06-13 - Kevin Binkley - Freedom to Do What You Want.mp3
May 30th, 2010Tom HaydenPhilemonPhilemon2010-05-30 - Tom Hayden - Philemon.mp3
May 25th, 2010Justin PetersThe Hurt of HealingSelected Scriptures2010-05-25 - Justin Peters - The Hurt of Healing.mp3
May 24th, 2010Justin PetersMangled ManifestationsSelected Scriptures2010-05-24 - Justin Peters - Mangled Manifestations.mp3
May 23rd, 2010Justin PetersThe Duty of DiscernmentSelected Scriptures2010-05-23 - Justin Peters - The Duty of Discernment.mp3
May 23rd, 2010Justin PetersDangerous DoctrinesSelected Scriptures2010-05-23 - Justin Peters - Dangerous Doctrines.mp3
May 16th, 2010Kevin BinkleyDon't Give Up the BlessingGalatians 4:8-202010-05-16 - Kevin Binkley - Dont Give Up the Blessing.mp3
May 9th, 2010Kevin BinkleySlaves Becoming SonsGalatians 4:1-72010-05-09 - Kevin Binkley - Slaves Becoming Sons.mp3
April 25th, 2010Kevin BinkleyListen to Your Teacher Part 1Galatians 3:19-292010-04-25 - Kevin Binkley - Listen to Your Teacher Part 1.mp3
April 18th, 2010Kevin BinkleyClaim Your InheritanceGalatians 3:19-292010-04-18 - Kevin Binkley - Claim Your Inheritance.mp3
April 11th, 2010Kevin BinkleyBewitched ChristiansGalatians 3:1-182010-04-11 - Kevin Binkley - Bewitched Christians.mp3
April 4th, 2010Kevin BinkleyEmbrace the GraceGalatians 2:11-212010-04-04 - Kevin Binkley - Embrace the Grace.mp3
March 28th, 2010Kevin BinkleyKnow Your AudienceGalatians 2:1-102010-03-28 - Kevin Binkley - Know Your Audience.mp3
March 21st, 2010Kevin BinkleyGetting God's ViewpointGalatians 1:10-242010-03-21 - Kevin Binkley - Getting Gods Viewpoint.mp3
March 14th, 2010Kevin BinkleySaving the GospelGalatians 1:6-92010-03-14 - Kevin Binkley - Saving the Gospel.mp3
March 7th, 2010Kevin BinkleyGalatians- God is GloriousGalatians 1:1-52010-03-07 - Kevin Binkley - Galatians- God is Glorious.mp3
February 28th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be Happy- Hope in GodHebrews 6:13-202010-02-28 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Happy - Hope in God.mp3
February 21st, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be Happy- Stop the WorryMatthew 11:28-302010-02-21 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Happy - Stop the Worry.mp3
February 14th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be Happy (Part 3)Matthew 5:1-122010-02-14 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Happy - Part 3.mp3
February 7th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be Happy (Part 2)Matthew 5:1-122010-02-07 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Happy - Part 2.mp3
January 31st, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be Happy (Part 1)Matthew 5:1-122010-01-31 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Happy - Part 1.mp3
January 24th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Value LifeSelected Scriptures2010-01-24 - Kevin Binkley - How to Value Life.mp3
January 17th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Think1 Corinthians 2:9-162010-01-17 - Kevin Binkley - How to Think.mp3
January 10th, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Be ProsperousSelected Scriptures2010-01-10 - Kevin Binkley - How to Be Prosperous.mp3
January 3rd, 2010Kevin BinkleyHow to Grow in ChristSelected Scriptures2010-01-03 - Kevin Binkley - How to Grow in Christ.mp3
December 27th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Saving of ChristmasMatthew 1:212009-12-27 - Kevin Binkley - The Saving of Christmas.mp3
December 20th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Sacrifice of ChristmasLuke 22009-12-20 - Kevin Binkley - The Sacrifice of Christmas.mp3
December 13th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Savior of Christmas1 Timothy 1:152009-12-13 - Kevin Binkley - The Savior of Christmas.mp3
December 6th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Source of Christmas1 John 4:9-122009-12-06 - Kevin Binkley - The Source of Christmas.mp3
November 29th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Early DaysSelected Scriptures2009-11-29 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Early Days.mp3
November 22nd, 2009Jeremy LumanGod's Heart for the NationsPsalm 672009-11-22 - Jeremy Luman - Gods Heart for the Nations.mp3
November 15th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- Turning Knowledge into FruitTitus 3:12-152009-11-15 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- Turning Knowledge into Fruit.mp3
November 8th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- Avoiding Time WastersTitus 3:9-112009-11-08 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- Avoiding Time Wasters.mp3
November 1st, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Church's MissionTitus 3:1-82009-11-01 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Churchs Mission.mp3
October 18th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Christian's AttitudeTitus 3:1-72009-10-18 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Christians Attitude.mp3
October 11th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Pastor's AuthorityTitus 2:152009-10-11 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Pastors Authority.mp3
September 27th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Church's GospelTitus 2:11-152009-09-27 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Churchs Gospel.mp3
September 13th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- Refuting ErrorTitus 1:10-162009-09-13 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- Refuting Error.mp3
September 6th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Characteristics of EldersTitus 1:5-92009-09-06 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Characteristics of Elders.mp3
August 30th, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Church's LeadersTitus 1:5-92009-08-30 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Church's Leaders.mp3
August 23rd, 2009Kevin BinkleyBuilding the Church- The Church's PurposeTitus 1:1-42009-08-23 - Kevin Binkley - Building the Church- The Church's Purpose.mp3
August 16th, 2009Kevin BinkleyGetting Connected with the Family of GodSelected Scriptures2009-08-16 - Kevin Binkley - Getting Connected with the Family of God.mp3
July 26th, 2009Kevin BinkleyUntouchables- The Cross- Something to Think AboutGalatians 6:142009-07-26 - Kevin Binkley - Untouchables- The Cross- Something to Think About.mp3
July 19th, 2009Kevin BinkleyUntouchables- Sex- Cheap Thrills or God's Will?1 Thessalonians 4:3-82009-07-19 - Kevin Binkley - Untouchables- Sex- Cheap Thrills or God's Will.mp3
July 12th, 2009Kevin BinkleyUntouchables- Hell- It's Not That HotLuke 12:52009-07-12 - Kevin Binkley - Untouchables- Hell- It's Not That Hot.mp3
July 5th, 2009Kevin BinkleyUntouchables- Sin- How Bad is It?James 4:172009-07-05 - Kevin Binkley - Untouchables- Sin- How Bad is It.mp3
June 28th, 2009Kevin BinkleySanctification- Church Discipline- The Fearful Factor1 Corinthians 52009-06-28 - Kevin Binkley - Sanctification- Church Discipline- The Fearful Factor.mp3
June 21st, 2009Kevin BinkleySanctification- Saving the Strays- The Faithful FactorMatthew 18:10-202009-06-21 - Kevin Binkley - Sanctification- Saving the Strays- The Faithful Factor.mp3
June 14th, 2009Kevin BinkleySanctification- Burden Sharing- The Friendly FactorGalatians 6:1-102009-06-14 - Kevin Binkley - Sanctification- Burden Sharing- The Friendly Factor.mp3
June 7th, 2009Kevin BinkleySanctification- The Forgotten Factor1 Corinthians 9:24-272009-06-07 - Kevin Binkley - Sanctification- The Forgotten Factor.mp3
May 31st, 2009Kevin BinkleyA True TestimonyJohn 21:24-252009-05-31 - Kevin Binkley - A True Testimony.mp3
May 24th, 2009Clint CalvertThe Value of ObedienceJames 1:19-272009-05-24 - Clint Calvert - The Value of Obedience.mp3
May 17th, 2009Kevin BinkleyFailure, Restoration and CommittmentJohn 21:15-232009-05-17 - Kevin Binkley - Failure, Restoration and Committment.mp3
May 10th, 2009Kevin BinkleyHuman Effort vs Divine PowerJohn 21:1-142009-05-10 - Kevin Binkley - Human Effort vs Divine Power.mp3
May 3rd, 2009Jeff NettlesWritten to Believe and Have LifeJohn 20:30-312009-05-03 - Jeff Nettles - Written to Believe and Have Life.mp3
April 26th, 2009Steve MelvinMoving Forward2 Samuel 23:20-212009-04-26 - Steve Melvin - Moving Forward.mp3
April 19th, 2009Kevin BinkleyDisciples CommissionedJohn 20:19-232009-04-19 - Kevin Binkley - Disciples Commissioned.mp3
April 12th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus' ResurrectionJohn 20:1-182009-04-12 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Resurrection.mp3
April 5th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus BurriedJohn 19:31-422009-04-05 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Burried.mp3
March 29th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus DiesJohn 19:28-302009-03-29 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Dies.mp3
March 22nd, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus CrucifiedJohn 19:17-272009-03-22 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Crucified.mp3
March 15th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus SentencedJohn 19:1-162009-03-15 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Sentenced.mp3
March 8th, 2009Kevin BinkleyWhat is Truth?John 18:382009-03-08 - Kevin Binkley - What is Truth.mp3
March 1st, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Litmus Test of Love1 John 4:7-122009-03-01 - Kevin Binkley - The Litmus Test of Love.mp3
February 22nd, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus on TrialJohn 18:28-402009-02-22 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus on Trial.mp3
February 15th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus DeniedJohn 18:15-272009-02-15 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus - Denied.mp3
February 8th, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus' ArrestJohn 18:1-112009-02-08 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Arrest.mp3
February 1st, 2009Kevin BinkleyJesus Prays for OnenessJohn 17:20-262009-02-01 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Prays for Oneness.mp3
January 25th, 2009Joshua RhoadesGod's Word- A Love Note1 John 2:1-11,15-172009-01-25 - Joshua Rhoades - Gods Word - A Love Note.mp3
January 18th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Word and the Value of LifeIsaiah 43:1-72009-01-18 - Kevin Binkley - The Word and the Value of Life.mp3
January 11th, 2009Kevin BinkleyThe Word and Knowing GodJeremiah 9:23-242009-01-11 - Kevin Binkley - The Word and Knowing God.mp3
January 4th, 2009Jeremy LumanThe Word and WorshipColossians 3:1-172009-01-04 - Jeremy Luman - The Word and Worship.mp3
December 28th, 2008Kevin BinkleyKnowing GodJohn 17:1-32008-12-28 - Kevin Binkley - Knowing God.mp3
December 21st, 2008Kevin BinkleyJesus, The Amazing SaviorLuke 2:28-352008-12-21 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus, The Amazing Savior.mp3
December 7th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod's Gift to ChristJohn 17:6-192008-12-07 - Kevin Binkley - Gods Gift to Christ.mp3
November 30th, 2008Kevin BinkleyJesus' Prayer for His DisciplesJohn 17:6-192008-11-30 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus Prayer for His Disciples.mp3
November 23rd, 2008Kevin BinkleyCultivating a Spirit of Gratitude1 Thessalonians 5:182008-11-23 - Kevin Binkley - Cultivating a Spirit of Gratitude.mp3
November 9th, 2008Kevin BinkleyMarriage and the Glory of GodGenesis 2:19-3:12008-11-09 - Kevin Binkley - Marriage and the Glory of God.mp3
November 2nd, 2008Kevin BinkleyJoy Out of SorrowJohn 16:25-332008-11-02 - Kevin Binkley - Joy Out of Sorrow.mp3
October 26th, 2008Kevin BinkleyBig JoyJohn 16:16-242008-10-26 - Kevin Binkley - Big Joy.mp3
October 19th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Work of the SpiritJohn 16:1-152008-10-19 - Kevin Binkley - The Work of the Spirit.mp3
October 12th, 2008Kevin BinkleyHow to be Hated WellJohn 15:18-272008-10-12 - Kevin Binkley - How to be Hated Well.mp3
October 5th, 2008Kevin BinkleyPleading for Christ2 Corinthians 5:17-212008-10-05 - Kevin Binkley - Pleading for Christ.mp3
September 28th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Secret of JoyJohn 15:9-172008-09-28 - Kevin Binkley - The Secret of Joy.mp3
September 24th, 2008Dr Dennis HansenReoriented in Gods PresenceJoshua 5:13-192008-09-24 - Dr Dennis Hansen - Reoriented in Gods Presence.mp3
September 23rd, 2008Dr Dennis HansenWho Are YouHebrews 11:21-222008-09-23 - Dr Dennis Hansen - Who Are You.mp3
September 22nd, 2008Dr Dennis HansenRevealed by StormMatthew 7:24-292008-09-22 - Dr Dennis Hansen - Revealed by Storm.mp3
September 21st, 2008Dr Dennis HansenThree Choices2 Kings 6-72008-09-21 - Dr Dennis Hansen - Three Choices.mp3
September 21st, 2008Dr Dennis HansenFrom the End to the BeginningGenesis 322008-09-21 - Dr Dennis Hansen - From the End to the Beginning.mp3
September 14th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Vine and BranchesJohn 15:1-82008-09-14 - Kevin Binkley - The Vine and Branches.mp3
September 7th, 2008Kevin BinkleyKeys to PeaceJohn 14:27-312008-09-07 - Kevin Binkley - Keys to Peace.mp3
August 31st, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Key to ObedienceJohn 14:15-262008-08-31 - Kevin Binkley - The Key to Obedience.mp3
August 24th, 2008Jeremy LumanLiving the Good LifeJames 1:12-182008-08-24 - Jeremy Luman - Living the Good Life.mp3
August 17th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod Gives Us Each OtherColossians 4:7-182008-08-17 - Kevin Binkley - God Gives Us Each Other.mp3
August 10th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod Uses Us1 Corinthians 3:1-112008-08-10 - Kevin Binkley - God Uses Us.mp3
August 3rd, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod Restores BrokennessJoel 2:18-272008-08-03 - Kevin Binkley - God Restores Brokenness.mp3
July 27th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod Forgives SinEphesians 1:3-82008-07-27 - Kevin Binkley - God Forgives Sin.mp3
July 20th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod Loves UsRomans 5:1-112008-07-20 - Kevin Binkley - God Loves Us.mp3
July 13th, 2008David SundeenTrial vs TrialMatthew 26:57-752008-07-13 - David Sundeen - Trial vs Trial.mp3
July 6th, 2008Leo EndelGetting AlongEphesians 4:25-322008-07-06 - Leo Endel - Getting Along.mp3
June 29th, 2008Kevin BinkleyDoing Greater Things Than ChristJohn 14:7-142008-06-29 - Kevin Binkley - Doing Greater Things Than Christ.mp3
June 22nd, 2008Kevin BinkleyTrouble and TruthJohn 14:1-62008-06-22 - Kevin Binkley - Trouble and Truth.mp3
June 15th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Model FatherPsalms 103:1-142008-06-15 - Kevin Binkley - The Model Father.mp3
June 8th, 2008Kevin BinkleyBetrayal and DenialJohn 13:21-382008-06-08 - Kevin Binkley - Betrayal and Denial.mp3
June 1st, 2008Joshua RhoadesYou MatterLuke 8:43-482008-06-01 - Joshua Rhoades - You Matter.mp3
May 25th, 2008Kevin BinkelyWashing FeetJohn 13:1-202008-05-25 - Kevin Binkley - Washing Feet.mp3
May 18th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Mission of JesusJohn 12:44-502008-05-18 - Kevin Binkley - The Mission of Jesus.mp3
May 11th, 2008Kevin BinkleyA Mother's WisdomRuth 12008-05-11 - Kevin Binkley - A Mothers Wisdom.mp3
May 4th, 2008Kevin BinkleyBelief and BlindnessJohn 12:37-502008-05-04 - Kevin Binkley - Belief and Blindness.mp3
April 27th, 2008Kevin BinkleyGod's Committment to His GloryJohn 12:20-362008-04-27 - Kevin Binkley - Gods Committment to His Glory.mp3
April 20th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Triumphant EntryJohn 12:12-192008-04-20 - Kevin Binkley - The Triumphant Entry.mp3
April 13th, 2008Kevin BinkleyPrinciples of WorshipJohn 12:1-112008-04-13 - Kevin Binkley - Principles of Worship.mp3
April 6th, 2008Jeremy LumanThat Was Then, This Is NowEphesians 2:1-102008-04-06 - Jeremy Luman - That Was Then This Is Now.mp3
March 30th, 2008Kevin BinkleyResurrection ReactionsJohn 11:45-572008-03-30 - Kevin Binkley - Resurrection Reactions.mp3
March 23rd, 2008Kevin BinkleyJesus is the ResurrectionJohn 11:17-442008-03-23 - Kevin Binkley - Jesus is the Resurrection.mp3
March 16th, 2008Kevin BinkleyWhen God Doesn't HealJohn 11:1-162008-03-16 - Kevin Binkley - When God Doesnt Heal.mp3
March 9th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Good SheepJohn 10:22-422008-03-09 - Kevin Binkley - The Good Sheep.mp3
March 2nd, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-212008-03-02 - Kevin Binkley - The Good Shepherd.mp3
February 24th, 2008Kevin BinkleyLove Your NeighborLuke 10:25-372008-02-24 - Kevin Binkley - Love Your Neighbor.mp3
February 17th, 2008Kevin BinkleyLoving Your ChurchRomans 122008-02-17 - Kevin Binkley - Loving Your Church.mp3
February 10th, 2008Kevin BinkleyLove FamilyColossians 3:18-242008-02-10 - Kevin Binkley - Love Family.mp3
February 3rd, 2008Kevin BinkleyLove GodDeuteronomy 6:4-92008-02-03 - Kevin Binkley - Love God.mp3
January 27th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Stewardship of ResourcesMalachi 3:102008-01-27 - Kevin Binkley - The Stewardship of Resources.mp3
January 20th, 2008Lori VanceDonna Joy VanceTestimony2008-01-20 - Lori Vance - Donna Joy Vance.mp3
January 20th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Stewardship of LifeGenesis 2:4-72008-01-20 - Kevin Binkley - The Stewardship of Life.mp3
January 13th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Stewardship of SoulsMatthew 28:16-202008-01-13 - Kevin Binkley - The Stewardship of Souls.mp3
January 6th, 2008Kevin BinkleyThe Stewardship of PrayerMatthew 6:5-152008-01-06 - Kevin Binkley - The Stewardship of Prayer.mp3
December 30th, 2007Kevin BinkleyResolution SolutionPhilippians 3:12-162007-12-30 - Kevin Binkley - Resolution Solution.mp3
December 23rd, 2007Kevin BinkleyLove1 John 4:7-102007-12-23 - Kevin Binkley - Love.mp3
December 9th, 2007Kevin BinkleyPeaceIsaiah 9:62007-12-09 - Kevin Binkley - Peace.mp3
December 2nd, 2007Kevin BinkleyHopeLamentation 3:242007-12-02 - Kevin Binkley - Hope.mp3
November 25th, 2007Kevin BinkleyMerge1 Corinthians 12:24-272007-11-25 - Kevin Binkley - Merge.mp3
November 18th, 2007Kevin BinkleyKeep RightHebrews 6:9-122007-11-18 - Kevin Binkley - Keep Right.mp3
November 11th, 2007Kevin BinkleyYeildJames 4:7-82007-11-11 - Kevin Binkley - Yield.mp3
November 4th, 2007Kevin BinkleyStop1 Corinthians 15:342007-11-04 - Kevin Binkley - Stop.mp3
October 28th, 2007Kevin BinkleyRestoring SightJohn 9:35-412007-10-28 - Kevin Binkley - Restoring Sight.mp3
October 14th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WashingJohn 9:1-122007-10-14 - Kevin Binkley - The Washing.mp3
September 30th, 2007Kevin BinkleyDemons, Dishonor and DeathJohn 8:48-592007-09-30 - Kevin Binkley - Demons, Dishonor and Death.mp3
September 23rd, 2007Don LeonardThe War is Over!Matthew 28:18-202007-09-23 - Don Leonard - The War is Over.mp3
September 16th, 2007Kevin BinkleyWho Are Abraham's Children?John 8:37-472007-09-16 - Kevin Binkley - Who Are Abrahams Children.mp3
September 9th, 2007Kevin BinkleyWorking for Joy2 Corinthians 1:24-2:42007-09-09 - Kevin Binkley - Working for Joy.mp3
September 2nd, 2007Kevin BinkleyFreedom: Slaves or SonsJohn 8:30-362007-09-02 - Kevin Binkley - Freedom- Slaves or Sons.mp3
August 26th, 2007Clint CalvertStarting the UnstoppableActs 5:33-392007-08-26 - Clint Calvert - Starting the Unstoppable.mp3
August 19th, 2007Kevin BinkleyOneness in ChristJohn 17:20-232007-08-19 - Kevin Binkley - Oneness in Christ.mp3
August 12th, 2007Kevin BinkleyFive Signs of UnbeliefJohn 8:21-292007-08-12 - Kevin Binkley - Five Signs of Unbelief.mp3
August 5th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-202007-08-05 - Kevin Binkley - The Light of the World.mp3
July 29th, 2007Clint CalvertThe Path to UnashamedRomans 1:16-172007-07-29 - Clint Calvert - The Path to Unashamed.mp3
July 22nd, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe Woman AccusedJohn 8:2-112007-07-22 - Kevin Binkley - The Woman Accused.mp3
July 15th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WaffleJohn 7:40-8:12007-07-15 - Kevin Binkley - The Waffle.mp3
July 8th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WellspringJohn 7:37-8:12007-07-08 - Kevin Binkley - The Wellspring.mp3
July 1st, 2007Kevin BinkleyDreaming Out LoudProverbs 16:32007-07-01 - Kevin Binkley - Dreaming Out Loud.mp3
June 24th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WaylayJohn 7:25-362007-06-24 - Kevin Binkley - The Waylay.mp3
June 17th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WaveringJohn 7:10-242007-06-17 - Kevin Binkley - The Wavering.mp3
June 10th, 2007Kevin BinkleyDon't Forget to RememberEcclesiastes 12:12007-06-10 - Kevin Binkley - Don't Forget to Remember.mp3
June 3rd, 2007Joshua RhoadesThe Becomming ChurchPhilippians 2:12-182007-06-03 - Joshua Rhoades - The Becomming Church.mp3
May 27th, 2007David SundeenMaking a DifferenceMark 12:1-342007-05-27 - David Sundeen - Making a Difference.mp3
May 20th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WangleJohn 7:1-92007-05-20 - Kevin Binkley - The Wangle.mp3
May 13th, 2007Kevin BinkleyA Mother's Day ChallengeLuke 2:25-352007-05-13 - Kevin Binkley - A Mothers Day Challenge.mp3
May 6th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WhimsicalJohn 6:60-712007-05-06 - Kevin Binkley - The Whimsical.mp3
April 29th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe Wonderbread (Part 2)John 6:51-592007-04-29 - Kevin Binkley - The Wonderbread - Part 2.mp3
April 22nd, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe Wonderbread (Part 1)John 6:30-512007-04-22 - Kevin Binkley - The Wonderbread - Part 1.mp3
April 15th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WaywardJohn 6:22-292007-04-15 - Kevin Binkley - The Wayward.mp3
April 8th, 2007Kevin BinkleyResurrection or RejectionRomans 1:1-62007-04-08 - Kevin Binkley - Resurrection or Rejection.mp3
April 1st, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WavesJohn 6:16-212007-04-01 - Kevin Binkley - The Waves.mp3
March 25th, 2007Jim BensonForgivenessMatthew 18:21-352007-03-25 - Jim Benson - Forgiveness.mp3
March 25th, 2007Jim BensonForgiveness (Practical Tips)Selected Scriptures2007-03-25 - Jim Benson - Forgiveness - Practical Tips.mp3
March 18th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WhyJohn 6:1-152007-03-18 - Kevin Binkley - The Why.mp3
March 11th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WitnessesJohn 5:31-472007-03-11 - Kevin Binkley - The Witnesses.mp3
March 4th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WowJohn 5:24-302007-03-04 - Kevin Binkley - The Wow.mp3
February 18th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WarJohn 5:16-232007-02-18 - Kevin Binkley - The War.mp3
February 11th, 2007Kevin BinkleyThe WhinerJohn 5:1-152007-02-11 - Kevin Binkley - The Whiner.mp3
February 4th, 2007Kevin BinkleyCulture in Context1 Corinthians 9:19-232007-02-04 - Kevin Binkley - Culture in Context.mp3
January 28th, 2007Joshua RhoadesComeMatthew 14:22-332007-01-28 - Joshua Rhoades - Come.mp3
January 21st, 2007Clint CalvertWhere Life BeginsPsalms 139:13-162007-01-21 - Clint Calvert - Where Life Begins.mp3
January 14th, 2007Kevin BinkleyGod's Gifts for Our Resources2 Corinthians 9:10-152007-01-14 - Kevin Binkley - Gods Gifts for Our Resources.mp3
January 7th, 2007Kevin BinkleyOn Target1 Corinthians 9:9-272007-01-07 - Kevin Binkley - On Target.mp3
December 31st, 2006Kevin BinkleyGod's Delight in Man's HopePsalms 147:7-112006-12-31 - Kevin Binkley - Gods Delight in Mans Hope.mp3
December 24th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Wise Men's WisdomMatthew 2:1-122006-12-24 - Kevin Binkley - The Wise Mens Wisdom.mp3
December 17th, 2006EBC ChoirChrismas ContataSelected Scriptures2006-12-17 - EBC Choir - Christmas Contata.mp3
December 10th, 2006Kevin BinkleyAn Ordinary GirlLuke 1:46-562006-12-10 - Kevin Binkley - An Ordinary Girl.mp3
December 3rd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WhenJohn 4:46-542006-12-03 - Kevin Binkley - The When.mp3
November 26th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WordsJohn 4:38-452006-11-26 - Kevin Binkley - The Words.mp3
November 19th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WorkJohn 4:27-382006-11-19 - Kevin Binkley - The Work.mp3
November 12th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Worship (Part 2)John 4:19-262006-11-12 - Kevin Binkley - The Worship - Part 2.mp3
November 5th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Worship (Part 1)John 4:7-262006-11-05 - Kevin Binkley - The Worship - Part 1.mp3
October 29th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WomanJohn 4:1-262006-10-29 - Kevin Binkley - The Woman.mp3
October 22nd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WrathJohn 3:31-362006-10-22 - Kevin Binkley - The Wrath.mp3
October 15th, 2006Bob EvansOn Mission CelebrationColossians 1:3-62006-10-15 - Bob Evans - On Mission Celebration.mp3
October 8th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WrestleJohn 3:22-302006-10-08 - Kevin Binkley - The Wrestle.mp3
October 1st, 2006Joshua RhoadesFaded MemoriesPhillipians 2:12-182006-10-01 - Joshua Rhoades - Faded Memories.mp3
September 24th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WickedJohn 3:10-212006-09-24 - Kevin Binkley - The Wicked.mp3
September 17th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WallopJohn 3:1-162006-09-17 - Kevin Binkley - The Wallop.mp3
September 10th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WhippingJohn 2:12-252006-09-10 - Kevin Binkley - The Whipping.mp3
September 3rd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WeddingJohn 2:1-112006-09-03 - Kevin Binkley - The Wedding.mp3
August 27th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WelcomeJohn 1:43-512006-08-27 - Kevin Binkley - The Welcome.mp3
August 13th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WatchingJohn 1:29-422006-08-13 - Kevin Binkley - The Watching.mp3
August 6th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WorthyJohn 1:19-282006-08-06 - Kevin Binkley - The Worthy.mp3
July 30th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Church FamilyRomans 122006-07-30 - Kevin Binkley - The Church Family.mp3
July 23rd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WonderJohn 1:14-182006-07-23 - Kevin Binkley - The Wonder.mp3
July 16th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WorldJohn 1:10-132006-07-16 - Kevin Binkley - The World.mp3
July 9th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WitnessJohn 1:6-92006-07-09 - Kevin Binkley - The Witness.mp3
July 2nd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe WordJohn 1:1-52006-07-02 - Kevin Binkley - The Word.mp3
June 25th, 2006Leo EndelTwo Men Went Up to PrayLuke 18:9-142006-06-25 - Leo Endel - Two Men Went Up to Pray.mp3
June 18th, 2006Joshua RhoadesDon't Buy the LieJohn 8:42-472006-06-18 - Joshua Rhoades - Dont Buy the Lie.mp3
June 11th, 2006Kevin BinkleyPraise SpringsIsaiah 61:1-112006-06-11 - Kevin Binkley - Praise Springs.mp3
June 4th, 2006Kevin BinkleyMoney MastersLuke 16:1-132006-06-04 - Kevin Binkley - Money Masters.mp3
May 28th, 2006Kevin BinkleyFeast or FamineJeremiah 2:132006-05-28 - Kevin Binkley - Feast or Famine.mp3
May 21st, 2006Kevin BinkleyTruth or Dare1 John 1:1-42006-05-21 - Kevin Binkley - Truth or Dare.mp3
May 14th, 2006Kevin BinkleyAdvices for Mothers in Crisis1 Samuel 1:1-202006-05-14 - Kevin Binkley - Advices for Mothers in Crisis.mp3
May 7th, 2006Kevin BinkleyMaking Heart Changes1 Samuel 10:1-92006-05-07 - Kevin Binkley - Making Heart Changes.mp3
April 30th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Redeem Team (Part 2)Colossians 4:7-182006-04-30 - Kevin Binkley - The Redeem Team - Part 2.mp3
April 23rd, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Redeem Team (Part 1)Colossians 4:7-182006-04-23 - Kevin Binkley - The Redeem Team - Part 1.mp3
April 16th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Gospel in the CrucifixionMatthew 27:57-28:102006-04-16 - Kevin Binkley - The Gospel in the Crucifixion.mp3
April 9th, 2006Kevin BinkleyWisom WalkersColossians 4:2-62006-04-09 - Kevin Binkley - Wisdom Walkers.mp3
April 2nd, 2006Kevin BinkleyDoers and ViewersColossians 3:22-4:12006-04-02 - Kevin Binkley - Doers and Viewers.mp3
March 26th, 2006Kevin BinkleyParentsColossians 3:212006-03-26 - Kevin Binkley - Parents.mp3
March 19th, 2006Kevin BinkleyChildrenColossians 3:202006-03-19 - Kevin Binkley - Children.mp3
March 12th, 2006Kevin BinkleyHusbandsColossians 3:192006-03-12 - Kevin Binkley - Husbands.mp3
March 5th, 2006Kevin BinkleyWivesColossians 3:182006-03-05 - Kevin Binkley - Wives.mp3
February 26th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Put OnsColossians 3:12-172006-02-26 - Kevin Binkley - The Put Ons.mp3
February 19th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Put Offs (Part 2)Colossians 3:5-112006-02-19 - Kevin Binkley - The Put Offs - Part 2.mp3
February 12th, 2006Kevin BinkleyThe Put Offs (Part 1)Colossians 3:5:112006-02-12 - Kevin Binkley - The Put Offs - Part 1.mp3
February 5th, 2006Kevin BinkleySeek and SetColossians 3:1-42006-02-05 - Kevin Binkley - Seek and Set.mp3
January 29th, 2006Kevin BinkleyRules, Tools and FoolsColossians 2:20-232006-01-29 - Kevin Binkley - Rules, Tools and Fools.mp3
January 22nd, 2006Kevin BinkleyChasing Shadows Colossians 2:16-192006-01-22 - Kevin Binkley - Chasing Shadows.mp3
January 15th, 2006Kevin BinkleyTriumph in ChristColossians 2:11-152006-01-15 - Kevin Binkley - Triumph in Christ.mp3
January 8th, 2006Kevin BinkleySow What? (Part 2)2 Corinthians 9:6-152006-01-08 - Kevin Binkley - Sow What - Part 2.mp3
January 1st, 2006Kevin BinkleySow What? (Part 1)2 Corinthians 9:6-152006-01-01 - Kevin Binkley - Sow What - Part 1.mp3
December 11th, 2005Kevin BinkleyOrdinary, Faithful Saints Luke 1:26-382005-12-11 - Kevin Binkley - Ordinary, Faithful Saints.mp3
December 4th, 2005Kevin BinkleyPrinciples of HarvestMatthew 9:35-382005-12-04 - Kevin Binkley - Principles of Harvest.mp3
November 27th, 2005Kevin BinkleyTruth or ConsequencesColossians 2:8-102005-11-27 - Kevin Binkley - Truth or Consequences.mp3
November 20th, 2005Kevin BinkleyWalking SmallColossians 2:6-72005-11-20 - Kevin Binkley - Walking Small.mp3
November 13th, 2005Kevin BinkleyJuggling StrugglingColossians 2:1-52005-11-13 - Kevin Binkley - Juggling Struggling.mp3
November 6th, 2005Kevin BinkleySuffering: Struggling for the GospelColossians 1:24-292005-11-06 - Kevin Binkley - Suffering- Struggling for the Gospel.mp3
October 30th, 2005Kevin BinkleyHow God SavesColossians 1:21-232005-10-30 - Kevin Binkley - How God Saves.mp3
October 23rd, 2005Kevin BinkleyWho is Christ? (Part 3)Colossians 1:18-202005-10-23 - Kevin Binkley - Who is Christ - Part 3.mp3
October 16th, 2005Clint CalvertWhat's Wrong With This Picture? Ezra 3:1-132005-10-16 - Clint Calvert - Whats Wrong With This Picture.mp3
October 9th, 2005Kevin BinkleyWho is Christ? (Part 2)Colossians 1:16-172005-10-09 - Kevin Binkley - Who is Christ - Part 2.mp3
October 2nd, 2005Kevin BinkleyWho is Christ? (Part 1)Colossians 1:152005-10-02 - Kevin Binkley - Who is Christ - Part 1.mp3
September 25th, 2005Kevin BinkleyWho's Helping WhomColossians 1:12-142005-09-25 - Kevin Binkley - Whos Helping Whom.mp3
September 18th, 2005Kevin BinkleyThe Knowledge of GodColossians 1:9-122005-09-18 - Kevin Binkley - The Knowledge of God.mp3
September 11th, 2005Kevin BinkleyThe Gospel in ActionColossians 1:3-82005-09-11 - Kevin Binkley - The Gospel in Action.mp3
September 4th, 2005Kevin BinkleyThe Clash of Good and EvilColossians 1:1-22005-09-04 - Kevin Binkley - The Clash of Good and Evil.mp3
August 28th, 2005Kevin BinkleyHow To Keep From Sin Psalm 119:9-162005-08-28 - Kevin Binkley - How to Keep from Sin.mp3
August 14th, 2005Kevin BinkleyCheck Your VisionIsaiah 6:1-82005-08-14 - Kevin Binkley - Check Your Vision.mp3
August 7th, 2005Kevin BinkleyFinding our Pleasure in GodPsalm 162005-08-07 - Kevin Binkley - Finding our Pleasure in God.mp3
July 31st, 2005Kevin BinkleyRelationship MattersGenesis 4:1-82005-07-31 - Kevin Binkley - Relationship Matters.mp3
July 24th, 2005Kevin BinkleyService with a SmileEphesians 2:102005-07-24 - Kevin Binkley - Service with a Smile.mp3
July 17th, 2005Kevin BinkleyThe Pastor's Purpose Ephesians 4:11-162005-07-17 - Kevin Binkley - The Pastors Purpose.mp3
July 10th, 2005Kevin BinkleyThe Purpose of the ChurchEphesians 3:6-212005-07-10 - Kevin Binkley - The Purpose of the Church.mp3
July 3rd, 2005Kevin BinkleyTrue FreedomJohn 8:31-362005-07-03 - Kevin Binkley - True Freedom.mp3
May 5th, 2005Kevin BinkleyStrength and CourageJoshua 1:1-92005-05-05 - Kevin Binkley - Strength and Courage.mp3

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