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Baptist Hospitality House Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Table of Contents

3. How do I get to the Baptist Hospitality House?

Visit our Travel Instructions page for directions to the Baptist Hospitality House. Also try the Maps page for the exact location and other area businesses and Mayo Clinic facilities.

4. Is the Baptist Hospitality House handicap accessible?

No. All doorways leading into the Baptist Hospitality House require you to climb 3 steps.

5. May I bring my pet with me to the Baptist Hospitality House?


6. Is smoking allowed in the Baptist Hospitality House or on the property?


7. What personal items should I bring?

The Baptist Hospitality House is fully furnished and equipped with clean bedding, towels, and a full kitchen.

Be sure to bring toiletries and any food items you may need during your stay.

No meals will be provided by the Baptist Hospitality House.

8. How far is the Mayo Clinic from the Baptist Hospitality House?

3.3 city miles.

Visit our Maps page for assistance locating St Marys Hospital, The Mayo Clinic, and Methodist Hospital.

9. What transportation is available from the Baptist Hospitality House to the Mayo Clinic?

Visit our Transportation page for several available options.

NOTE: The Baptist Hospitality House does not provide a shuttle to the Mayo Clinic buildings.

10. What is the weather like in Rochester this time of year?

You will find climate and weather information about Rochester, Minnesota at